What Will a Financial Advisor Ask Me?

What Will a Financial Advisor Ask Me?

A professional financial advisor can offer you a variety of financial planning services. But you can’t fully benefit from their knowledge and skills unless you share some information about yourself first. When you meet with a financial advisor for the first time, be prepared to answer some of the following questions.

Who are you?

It might seem like a broad question, but dedicated financial advisors usually want to get to know the person they’re assisting. Yes, they’ll be focusing on your finances, but there’s more to you than just money. Your family life, career, hobbies, goals, and past will give the advisor a sense of your priorities and personality. That, in turn, will help them work with you and come up with a financial plan.

What worries you most when it comes to finances?

If you’re looking to hire financial advisors there’s probably something on your mind. Maybe you’re an independent contractor who’s worried about retirement. Or perhaps you’re concerned you’re not making the wisest investment decisions. Whatever the case may be, you’ll need to explain why you want a financial advisor’s help. This will help the advisor determine what you need to focus on, as a team.

Where do you see your life headed? Do you feel good about it?

When most people think of their financial future, their mind immediately goes to retirement. But, depending on your age, there are plenty of milestones to pass before your golden years. Do you feel optimistic about being able to afford things like a house or wedding? Are you hoping to climb the corporate ladder or move into a new, better paying field of work? You’ll want to give the advisor a general idea of how you feel about the future.

What do you expect from me?

Financial advisors like those at Oak Street Investments are savvy, building financial portfolios to fit your needs and fulfill your financial goals. The number one goal is to meet the needs of the customer, It helps to express your expectations and ensure they’re in line with what an advisor can realistically deliver.

What do you want the next step to be?

Usually after the initial meeting, a financial advisor has a general idea of what the next step should be. But they might also want to hear your opinion. The advisor isn’t going to serve as your boss, but rather a knowledgeable companion. Together you can decide on what your next appointment will focus on and what needs to happen between now and then.

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