10 Type of Mouthwatering Cakes That You Must Taste

10 Type of Mouthwatering Cakes That You Must Taste

Everyone loves cake, and they are famous all over. Now every special occasion is celebrated in India, so there is a variety of cake available for events like birthdays, marriages, valentine’s and a lot more. 

The taste of the cake will always make you happy, no matter if you are having a chocolate cake or a vanilla cake, it makes everyone consistently satisfied with flavor and design. For every social gathering, the cake has essential value. Eating the usual cake will make you feel just like any typical day. Thus, it is required to take time to choose the cake to feed your hunger for the delicious cake. 

The cake not only tastes good but also best for every occasion in every aspect. The cake is soft, attractive, fun, sweet, and fluffy. Most of the people will agree that a perfect cake for every event. If you think that you are out of gifts, then you can also send cake to Mumbai to your dear your loved ones, and it could be exactly the best idea which you can consider.

There are many different types of cakes with many different flavors, which our professional bakers have categories into the best list, by its taste and quality. 

Below is a complete and a luscious list of the best types of cakes that you can also opt with cake delivery.

Banana Cake

The main ingredient of this cake is banana and is baked typically like any other cake. This cake has an option to baked in various shapes and designs, such as muffin cake, layer cake, and cupcake. The key ingredient of this cake includes flour, egg, sugar, butter, vegetable oil, and baking soda. The banana can be used in puree form or mashed, so if you love eating a banana, you can buy this cake from the local store or with online cake delivery in Gurgaon. 

Banana Cake

Butter cake

The cake that has butter in its recipe is known as the butter cake. Yes, butter is the key constituent to make this cake. To prepare the batter of this cake, flour is used, and to give it the perfect shape and texture, baking soda is added. 


This is a type of cake that is traditionally baked with a pound of every cake ingredient, which is flour, sugar, baking soda, egg. This cake generally kept in the frying pan or bundt mold to give the desired shape and is served with tea.

Italian Cassata cake

If you like cannoli, which is Italian pastry, this cake will cheer you. The milk ricotta of the cake adds taste to the cake. This cake is perfect for a birthday, party, or any special occasion. So you can include them in your upcoming event to steal the show.

German Chocolate Cake

Between the delicious vanilla frosting and moist chocolate layers this traditional; german cake has all making in the list of the mouth-watering cakes. This rich, sweet chocolate cake has a pleasant taste that will make you skip the meal. So, if you want it this cake, you can opt for the cake delivery online.

chocolate Cake (1)

Red velvet cake

Baking this delicious cake is known as complicated. Thus, the red velvet has gained the popularity of being complicated. But trust us, this cake is a lot easier than you have imagined. People generally tend to use food coloring, but the cocoa defines the real taste of this cake.

Rum cake

This cake is perfect if you are a traveler. A fact about this cake can last longer than any other, and its taste enhances as it ages. This cake is mostly prepared and eat in the Caribbean region. This traditional cake baked with the dried fruits, which are soaked in rum and then added to dough prepared.

Sponge cake

A recipe that does not have baking powder or baking soda but includes a lot of whipped cream and egg that’s a sponge cake. Ther are various types of sponge cake which you can see on various online stores and in local markets.

Mango mousse

For any professional or casual party, you can pull out for this delicious mango flavored cake. You will surely need a big full-size cake to satisfy your sweet tooth.

Chocolate lava cake

If someone at the party is a chocolate lover, then there is no need to get confused. This cake is perfect for them, so order this cake to satisfy the chocolate craving.

So, have a look at the above-mentioned cake types and complete your cake savory.

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