10 Types of Breads in Weddings in India

10 Types of Breads in Weddings in India

Whether it is Marwari, Punjabi or Bengali wedding; food is an irreplaceable organ of the day. But somehow all Indian weddings have one thing in common.

The popularity of bread with the Best Caterers in Kolkata. But there are more breads in India than you actually know.

  • Tawa roti

This is the most popular and commonly consumed bread from every Indian household. Simply cooked and baked rotis.

Plain wheat flour dough with water. Then freshly combined mixture, is then rolled into a round tortilla. 

  • Rumali roti

Same process as tawa roti, but it is made out of white flour. Then after the dough is combined with water and oil, it is freshly stretched with a hand like a big handkerchief.

Then the stretched roti is baked over a round taw. But the trick is to make it on the bake side of the tawa.

  • Lacha paratha

This is a quite different form of bread. Because like tawa roti, or rumali roti this is not baked or roasted whereas this is fried with oil.

The fun part is, the parantha is rolled into multiple stratas and folds.

  • Butter naan

To be honest, this is the most commonly served bread by the Best Caterers in Kolkata. The soft white flour bread is nicely clubbed with butter. 

The bread is highly soft and tasty for anyone.

  • Tandoori roti

Tandoors are kind of roasting tubs. The roti is either made out of wheat flour or white flour. No oil, ghee or butter is used in making it.

The flat bread is then roasted inside the tandoori tub, and later eaten with full grace.

  • Tandoori naan

The bread is similarly made out of wheat flour or Best Caterers in Kolkatawhite flour. But the key is to use ghee or butter for moistening the bread. 

The bread is more fluffy than normal tandoori Best Caterers in Kolkataroti.

  • Luchi or Puri

No question of roasting at all. The dough is directly deep fried in oil after it is rolled out into a circle. The best caterers in Kolkata usually prefer this as a breakfast bread.

Bengali prefer their Luchi or Puri in the morning breakfast.

  • Radhaballavi

The perfect concoction of dal filling inside a kachori dough. This is one of the most famous and favorable type of festive bread for any Bengali

The best caterers in Kolkata prefer to make this as an evening delicacy for Weddings.

  • Peas kachori

A seasonal treat for Weddings in the month of November, December, January and February. The kachori is made out of peas which is only available in the winter season.

The green colour of the peas mixture makes the kachori green too. That gives it another name, Green Kachori.

  • Garlic Bread

This is not really an Indian bread with the origin. But it is more like a Italian bread consumed with cheese pasta. The flat dough is garnished with garlic pieces.  

The bread is made into a flat rolled Paratha in India. The bread is Cooked with some garlic and coriander too.

These were all the popular breads that are served by the best caterers in Kolkata. 

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