5 Brilliant Hacks To Maintain Food Supplies Quality in a Store

5 Brilliant Hacks To Maintain Food Supplies Quality in a Store

Are you having trouble in preserving your food stock at your grocery store? Worry not- with some hacks you will be able to store your food in a perfect way so that your customers are satisfied with the quality and the freshness of the food. Normally, big stores tend to have their own store storage rooms, retail shop shelving and huge chillers for each food type. But there is some food that requires special attention in preservation. Especially, fruits and vegetables along with unpacked items require special care when it comes to preservation.

 Here are some crafty hacks for you…

1. DIY Vacuum Seal

When it comes to different kinds of meat, it is important that you pay special attention to it. Even if your store has the best chilling storerooms and infrigidation for red meat, fish, poultry, seafood, ham. But still, when they are kept on a display they require continuous care. If at any point you feel that meat is getting stale then place your meat piece in a vacuum airtight bag and place it in chilled water this hack is good to maintain the quality of the meat.

2. Vinegar trick & usage of a grocery bag

 For store use, you must be choosing the best and fully-fresh fruits straight from the farms. But even then fruits are at high risk if they are not taken care of properly. Throwing fruits just because they would look bad from your customer’s view can be dejected. Here is the hack to safe fruits.

Pour some vinegar in water and put fruits in it to preserve it. You can also use a grocery produce bag or polythene bag on the banana head (stem of banana). Fold the bag around the banana stem, this way it will last much longer.

3. Using salt

Salt works effectively in the preservation of food. If you are fearing that milk at your store will be spoiled then sprinkle some table salt in the milk and refrigerate it. Don’t worry-little salt will not change the texture or taste of the milk. Salt has sodium and chloride which decreases water activity in the food.

4. Celery placement

Some bakery items are also sensitive. They are normally sold every day but still need attention. To make sure your bread stays fresh and soft, you can place medium size celery in your bread pack. Celery is very good for health and you don’t have to worry that anything can go wrong with your product. it will only keep the bread fresh for a longer period of time.

5. Wilt-free lettuce

Lettuce and other leafy vegetables still require some special care in preservation even if you continuously spray fresh water on them. By the end of the day, they can still look wilt if they are not sold on the same day when they come from the farm. A Trick will definitely work. Fold lettuce in a kitchen towel, this technique will work to preserve the lettuce in your store.

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