5 Expert Tips to Make Tough Meat Tender

5 Expert Tips to Make Tough Meat Tender

Meat is the favourite food item to almost everyone. From parties to events and in even home, meat creates joy in every gathering. but sometimes this meat could create embarrassment in front of the guest. This is because you couldn’t cut the meat easily that give a sense that your meat either is of poor quality or poorly cooked. The journey of every meat starts from the multideck meat freezers and ends either in homes or restaurants commercial kitchen. Everyone wish to make tough meat tender but the majority of them never get successful.

Sometimes, tough meat couldn’t be chewed and get wasted. If you are a restaurant owner, then it could probably hurt your market or even if you are cooking at home you face embarrassments. But tenderizing the meat isn’t difficult as you think. You can make tough meat tender in a very easy manner. To know how? You need to continue reading this blog.

1-Physically Tenderize the Meat

You can consider a meat mallet to make the tough meat tender. The meat mallet plays a surprising role in breaking down the tough muscle fibre in an effective way. You can turn the meat into mush without pounding it into oblivion. All you need is to use light pounding with a rough edge of meat mallet. You can also score the surface in the crosshatch pattern with the help of a knife. The fork can also be used to poke the tiny holes into the meat. Remember that whatever you do, just do it in a lighter way so that it couldn’t create any hurdles for you.

2-Use A Marinade

To make tough meat tender while grilling steaks you need to use acidic ingredients. Skirt steak or flank cuts could make marvellous & delicious grilling steaks but it could be tough to break them down. Here the acidic ingredients like lemon juice, buttermilk and vinegar play an important part in breaking down the tough meat. But applying this technique you need to be careful not to marinate for more than two hours. A slight negligence in this procedure can turn meat into soft and mushy.

3-Cook It Low & Slow  

Sometimes to make tough meat tender, people try to cook at high temperature. As many pork shoulders or chuck roast requires low cooking in order to get cooked properly. You need to separate those tough muscle fibres while cooking so that it could get cooked and break more easily.

4-Don’t Forget the Salt

Whatever procedure you adopt to prep meal but never forget the salt to make the tough meat tender. Salt helps to draw out moistures from deep inside the meat and create a natural brine. You can simply salt your meat for up to 24 hours to get a perfect taste.

5-Let It Comes Up to The Room Temperature

To cook more evenly and to make tough meat tender all you need is to let the meat open to come up to the room temperature. Do this before cooking the meat so that you can cook them properly. Remember to leave the meat in room temperature for up to 30 minutes only.

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