5 Healthy Food Items That Can Change Your Binge Habits
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5 Healthy Food Items That Can Change Your Binge Habits

5 Healthy Food Items That Can Change Your Binge Habits

When it comes to eating, we should all strive to make better and more responsible choices. We should be more careful about the food we eat and the nutrients or minerals we intake. Changing your food habits is difficult but with the right alternatives, it is doable.

Several food items are dedicated to providing people with healthier, and sometimes even better-tasting, alternatives to their favourite binge-eating food products.

The one thing that you will find is common to all the snacks we have recommended later on, in the article, is that they are all rich in fibre and essential minerals. What this does is it keeps your stomach full for longer, ergo, reducing binge eating tendencies.

5 Best Healthier Alternatives for Your Binge-Eating Snacks

Healthy products, when consumed a little more than the usual consumption-quantity, don’t cause any major harm to your body and that is why, it is often advised that if you are to binge, then you should do it with the right food products:

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Protein Bars –

You might be someone who likes to stay fit, or likes to visit the gym twice a day. Or you just might be a regular guy who just wants to satiate his unforeseen whims and unexplained hunger pangs – you will never find a better, healthier and tastier alternative to snacking than protein bars. They act as the fuel when working out and pack the necessary aggregates of vitamins, essential minerals, carbs and of course, protein. Furthermore, being rich in fibre helps in improving the digestion process and allows you to be full for longer periods. For example, RiteBite Max Protein Active Choco Fudge Protein Bars or RiteBite Choco Delite Snack Bars are two excellent protein bars that you can pick.

Nuts and Seeds –

Who doesn’t like to munch on crunchy nuts and seeds when hungry? Everyone does. Not only do they serve as ready-to-consume snacks that can be availed at will, but they also pack several different nutrients that nourish your body for the entire day. Nuts and seeds are really rich sources of fibres, essential fats, carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins and other minerals that our body requires to function regularly. The fats that the body absorbs from nuts and seeds, is not fully digested or broken down. This means that it reduces the urge to eat for longer periods, thereby acting as a natural catalyst for body weight regulation.

Quinoa –

As most of you already know, Quinoa is one of the most popular and sought-after plant-based foods that is quickly finding its way onto every fitness enthusiast’s dietary plans. Our body functions well if it receives all the nine essential amino acids (especially for bodybuilders and sportsmen). Quinoa is one of the very few plant-based food products that has a high concentration of protein and packs all the nine essential amino acids. Plus, it’s gluten-free. Apart from being amazingly nutrient-rich (minerals, vitamins, potassium, protein, iron, fibre, etc.), Quinoa also contains several different trace nutrients and antioxidants. Also, since it has a low Glycemic Index, it helps regulate blood sugar levels and thereby, is good for people with diabetes or diabetic tendencies as well.

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Oats –

Easily one of the more popular choices for breakfast (and rightly so), there aren’t a lot many food items that can compete with the nutritional balance and power that Oats provide. First of all, they keep the heart healthy by reducing cholesterol levels by a whopping 10%. Oats are rich in fibre and proteins as well. They help regulate and keep your digestive tract healthy and clean. They are high in soluble fibres, which aid in cholesterol reduction. These soluble fibres aid in intestinal transit time and glucose absorption reduction. Beta-glucan, a lipid-lowering factor, is also found in oats. You can spruce up your oats with fruits and crunchy nuts for a really good breakfast choice. Great options to go for are Bagrrys White Oats, Masala Oats, and many more. They are the perfect amalgamation of nutrients and a roller-coaster of flavours.

Organic Beverages –

Organic beverages should be a crucial part of your regular diet. Organic and healthy beverages have several different nutritional benefits that not a lot of people know about. People who like to have a healthy breakfast but do not opt for organic beverages do not realize that their body is being deprived of essential nutrients that boost our immunity, keep us full for longer and keep our organs healthy. Studies have shown that consumption of organic beverages or organic fluids can reduce the occurrence of different types of cancer in the mouth, liver, stomach, throat or oesophagus. Also, it contains the necessary minerals and nutritional benefits that can help negate or at least reduce the risk of various cardiac diseases. Also, organic beverages help the body heal faster.

These are the 5 best alternatives to unhealthy snacks that you can opt for when binge eating. Eating victuals that are good for your body is something that not a lot of people do but if you want to lead a healthy life, try the ones mentioned above.

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