5 Practical Tips to Reduce Wasting Food & Drinks

5 Practical Tips to Reduce Wasting Food & Drinks

In the modern world, everyone is foody and loves to taste delicious foods. The restaurants are one of the finest places to search for a delicious mouth-watering dish. In today’s era, people focus more on snapchat selfies rather than eating food. The reason the food is served in various ways is just that people love looks and want to capture the great art of food in there snapchat memories. The food that is not eaten properly is never re-used for the next meal. As people are getting more modernize, wasting food is getting common.

According to a report presented by united nations, up to one-third of all food is discarded or spoiled before it gets consumed. At one side, the food is getting wasted while on the other side, around 800 million people are not getting enough food. Wasting food is never a crime according to the laws. This is the main reason people are getting used to. This blog will let you know the ways through which you can reduce wasting foods.

Conduct Food Audit

In homes, the food audit is a simple task as compared to hotels and restaurants. To reduce wasting foods, it is the responsibility of the person cooking food to know how many people are willing to have a meal and how he is cooking. The hotel management needs to work on the food audit more carefully. The food log and traffic log systems are the most beneficial for any restaurant. The top benefits are

  • Organized Customer Data: You will be able to determine how many customers are visiting your restaurant and what are the peak hours.
  • Customer Choice: The food log system will determine which type of food is consumed daily and how much people eat.
  • Food Wasting: You will know how much food is wasted or thrown to the dustbins.

The Right Preservation

Whether it’s a home or a restaurant, the right preservation is necessary to reduce wasting food and drinks. Shop freezers should be checked for cooling temperatures and needs to be clean. In-home try to check the cooling temperature of your refrigerator. To reduce the wasting of drinks, enter the expiry date in the systems so that it could indicate you before they get expired.

Reduce Wasting Ingredients

To reduce the wasting foods, the ingredients should be kept safe before they are prepared. The things that cannot. Sometimes the ingredients for a particular dish is left behind that get wasted. Always take minimum ingredients and prep dish according to it.

Safe Leftover

Usually, leftover food is wasted due to improper preservation. The reduce the wasting food, keep the dry leftovers in the dry plastic airtight box, or glass bottles and store them safely. Remember to store for a limited time period and use them in any other dish.

Expiration Dates

The expiration date is the biggest hurdle in reducing wasting food. Some of the food items can be used after the expiry dates such as dry fruits. Do the best judgement to know whether food is really spoiled or not. Remember to use the food items before they are expired.

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