5 Reasons To Order A Custom Cake For Your Next Celebration

5 Reasons To Order A Custom Cake For Your Next Celebration

Wouldn’t you want a cake that created a lasting memory of your special day? We, at Toujours, have the answer for you. We believe that every occasion requires an astounding cake that represents you and that’s why we create special custom cakes in Mumbai.

Toujours in Mumbai believes that every cake has a story to tell. From unleashing dark secrets to rejoicing accomplishments, every part of the cake is specially customized to enhance the storytelling.

1) It’s Unique – There is something unique about ordering custom cakes. It tastes so much better than ordinary store-bought cakes. Made from artificially processed ingredients, store-bought cakes fit a certain budget if you are thinking along those lines. However, the cakes created by Toujours in Mumbai, is one of a kind. Fresh, imported ingredients are used to bake the cake and you always have the flexibility of choosing the flavor of the cake you desire. Freshly baked cakes have a longer shelf life than store-bought ones.

2) It gives guests something to talk about! – You want to order a cake that people will talk about. A cake that will impress people and make them relish it. The center piece of the party is the cake and it draws the attention of all the guests invited. You want people to remember your cake. With a customized cake from Toujours, you can be sure of just that. You can place your order online and we will deliver right to your doorstep, well before your event. You can bet your guests will be ooh-ing and aah-ing once its cake-cutting time!

3) You get what you pay for – Though custom cakes cost a bit on the higher side, they are worth it. Love, care and attention to detail are specially embossed on these customized cakes. You may think that custom cake bakers in Mumbai make a lot of profit from every cake, but the fact that they put in hours of work and spend on premium ingredients doesn’t allow for it. Hence, these cakes cost more than mass produced ones. With our online delivery in Mumbai, your custom cake is delivered with a lot of care.

4) It adds a personal touch – We always add a personal touch to everything we bake. Hence, Toujours in Mumbai makes stellar cakes that are more personal to its clients. It’s more than writing the name and icing some frosting on the top of these ordered custom cakes. We would love our customers in Mumbai to create memories that will remain forever in their hearts.

5) It brings your vision to life – Toujours in Mumbai takes it’s time to get to know the customer’s cake wants and needs. A lot of love, precision and attention to every single aspect of the cake are noted down. Time, energy and a whole lot of patience are spent trying to get everything perfect when baking the cake. Finally, we hope to gift you with the best custom cake in Mumbai.

Most of all, we love it when our customers in Mumbai recognize us for our quality produced items, talent, skills and long hours spent dedicatedly to swirl up a gorgeous cake just for them.

Our customized cakes may be expensive but they are well worth it. Our best part of the entire process is to see the smile on our customers’ faces light up, as we surprise them with an especially great custom made cake.

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