5 Secrets for Making Pizza at Home with Pre-Made Dough

5 Secrets for Making Pizza at Home with Pre-Made Dough

In this era, fast food is one of the best-selling food items all over the world. Amongst so many fast food items, the long stuffy, delicious with vegetables, spices, and sauces called pizza is everyone’s choice. From teenagers to adults, everyone loves to eat pizza anytime. But eating pizza in the restaurants could be more expensive than making it at home. There is always an opinion of people, that home-made pizzas are not as delicious as compared to the commercial ones.

Yes, the ordinary pizza prepared in homes is not as delicious as the one prepared in a commercial conveyor pizza oven. But replicating restaurant’s pizza at home isn’t difficult at all. With the pre-made dough, you can easily prepare delicious pizza at home. All you need is to apply the top secrets that are discussed in this blog.

1.   Obtaining Quality Dough

For making pizza at home with pre-made dough, you will first need to select the high-quality dough. As you are using pre-made dough you will need to obtain the one that matches the standard of restaurant’s pizza dough. There are many restaurants that often sales their pre-made dough on the requirements. You can ask your favourite restaurateur if they can give you the dough in 3 to dollars. If not, then you can go with the ready-made dough sold by different companies in various supermarkets.

Often people get confused with how to get the pizza dough to rise. This is the first step which is often misleading. You can consider the following tip

  • Timing to Rising: It is essential to know the timing of pizza dough to rise. At least 30 minutes or up to 3 hours is the standard time required for pizza dough to rise. Therefore, allow the dough plenty of time to rise. You can set it on the counter while wrapping it in a kitchen towel.

2.   Can It

Canned tomatoes are best for making pizza at home with pre-made dough. Simply purchasing 28-ounce can of jersey fresh crushed tomatoes, and blending them in an immersion blender with 5 to 10 grams of salt and 10 grams of olive oil is good without cooking it. Remember to use garlic and other toppings for making it delicious.

3.   Don’t Get Shredded

Using pre-shredded packaged stuff isn’t worth it in making pizza at home with pre-made dough. The reason for not using pre-shredded packaged stuff is it has a lower melting point then the commercially made kind. It has low moisture due to which it will melt quickly and more evenly. Therefore, cube it with a knife and don’t overdo it.

4.   Keep It Simple

Overloading on the topping is one of the biggest mistake beginners do. Yes, topping makes the taste more delicious but for making pizza at home with the pre-made dough you need to catch yourself from putting the extra layers of sauce. Keeping it simple is the best way to maintain the taste of your pizza. Remember to place the least amount of ingredients at the centre of the pie.

5.   Turn Up the Heat

Crispy and chewy crust you had in the restaurant’s pizza, is the biggest challenge to obtain in making the pizza at home with pre-made dough. The secret to getting the crust crispy is turning up the heat. When you blast the pizza with the high heat, it allows the pizza crust to puff up, giving you that crispy pizza crust.

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