7-Day Meal Prep Guide to Save Cooking Time

7-Day Meal Prep Guide to Save Cooking Time

In the modern days’ time becomes the precious element for everyone. The busiest life full of workloads always makes it difficult to cook food efficiently. From the restaurateurs to the homeowners, meal prep guide to save cooking time becomes an essential need. The meal prep guide becomes an easy way to make the weekly delicious, homemade food to save cooking time. Meal prep is nowadays a food trend adopted not only by homeowners but also modern restaurateurs apply to save cooking time.

From commercial fridges to the food ingredients, there are various things that will be needed for restaurateurs to save cooking time. Whether you are a restaurateur or a home chef, this meal prep guide will help you to know the steps you need to take to save cooking time.

What Is Meal Prep 

The word Meal prep is used for the preparing of meal in the homes or either in the restaurant. Usually single-serve food dishes are used for meal prep but you can also expand according to the numbers of people. You can use meal prep guide to save cooking time and prepare make-ahead meals according to your dietary, taste and schedule needs. The most common types of meal prep include

  • Ingredient Prep: Those who want to cook and prep food at once, they choose to prep ingredients ahead to save time. The ingredient prep is particular for ingredients that are used in a dish. Usually, food restaurants adopt this to save cooking time.
  • Batch Cooking: Batch cooking also refers to freezing is a way through which you can make multiple meals and store them in freezers. Later, you can cook them according to your need.
  • Full Make-Ahead Meals: Whether it’s a restaurant or a home kitchen this can be adopted by anyone who wants to save cooking time. The entire meal is prepared and then stored in freezers or fridge.

What Food You Can Meal Prep

When it comes to 7-day meal prep guide the first question you may raise is the food items you can prepare and how long it could be stored in your freezers or fridge. You can meal prep any food dish that tastes palatable to you after few days and is well stored. The common food items you can use for week ahead meals include cooked meat, soups, sauces, roasted vegetables, stiff raw vegetables, nuts and pasta. However, you can’t meal prep soft vegetables, crunchy foods like crackers, cut fruits as they only get softer in your refrigerator.

How to Meal Prep

The biggest hurdle you face while you start with meal prep to save cooking time is the method. Many people don’t know about how to meal prep food items for weak. The following steps will guide you on how to meal prep for a week

  • Food Storage: Firstly, you need to opt for the high-quality food storage container so that your meal could be stored easily in freezers and fridge.
  • Build Your Menu: It is essential to build your menu according to your needs and friendly food meals that can be stored for a longer period of time. Choose the recipe and opt for the ingredients.
  • Store: After you prepared your meal for the whole week you need to store it in your refrigerator effectively. Remember to check the cooling temperature of your refrigerator.

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