9 Health Benefits Of Organic Mustard Oil Everyone Should Know

9 Health Benefits Of Organic Mustard Oil Everyone Should Know

Many of us think eating oil means consuming fat. However, what most of you are not aware of is our body needs some oils. Of all edible oils, one common and helpful oil is mustard oil that has many health benefits. So, without further delay, let’s get into the health benefits of organic mustard oil for cooking straightaway. 

Reduces risk of cardiovascular diseases  

A high amount of monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fatty acids and omega 3 and 6 make mustard oil an effective edible component that lowers your risk of developing ischemic heart disease. Besides, mustard oil can reduce cholesterol.  

Anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, and anti-inflammatory properties 

The presence of selenium in mustard oil makes it anti-inflammatory. As a result, it reduces joint pain and swelling. Further, its anti-inflammatory property attributes to the formulation of diclofenac used in the manufacturing of several medicines. In addition, the anti-fungal properties of mustard oil may treat skin infections and rashes. 

Relieved cough and cold

Since mustard oil has a pungent smell, people have been using mustard oil from time immemorial to get relief from cough and cold. In addition, the heating property in mustard oil helps to clear the mucus deposited in the respiratory tract during suffering from cough and cold.  

Acts as a natural stimulant 

Researches have shown mustard oil to be a strong natural stimulant. Consuming mustard oil helps stimulate and release digestive juices, which in turn enhances the appetite and digestion. Again, when mustard oil is massaged into the body, it improves blood circulation. 

Reduces the risk of cancer 

Mustard oil contains a lot of linolenic acids, which help to fight cancer. In addition, some studies have proved that mustard oil can reduce the chances of causing colon cancer. Since cancer has become a recurrent health problem today, it is better to regularly consume a considerable amount of mustard oil. 

Ease joint pains and arthritis 

You may have seen your grandmas using mustard oil to get relief from pain. Mustard oil has the potential to increase the flow of blood in the body when massaged rigorously. In addition, the large portion of omega 3 fatty acids contained in mustard oil induces anti-inflammatory properties in it. 

Improves the functioning of the organs 

As has already been mentioned earlier, massaging the body with mustard oil improves blood circulation in all parts of the body. That is why doctors suggest the mothers of newborns massage them with mustard oil to enhance the overall strength of their bodies. 

Helps treat asthma 

Unfortunately, there is no permanent cure for asthma. However, it can be controlled and reduced by using mustard oil. Massaging mustard oil on the chest helps ease out the airflow in the lungs and reduces asthma attacks. 

Acts as an insect repellent 

Mustard oil is considered to function effectively as an insect repellent. When compared to coconut oil, the effects of mustard oil are long-lasting.  


Therefore, it can be rightly said that mustard oil is one of the healthiest edible oils available in the market. So, include it in your daily diet and check out the fantastic results. 

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