A Complete Beginners Guide to Start a Wine Collection

A Complete Beginners Guide to Start a Wine Collection

A wine collection requires personal perspective, and love to wines. One who wants to start wine collection, will do it with goal to have cellar full of number of bottles ageing to full potential. Several questions raise when you take first baby step towards the startup of wine collection; what and where to buy, how to store and where to store it, when to keep and quaff. For the beginning, first setup the place for wine collection and buy some basic and awesome thing which are needed, like; wine glass holder or hanging glass rack, corkscrew, stainless steel wine bar tool set and single door bottle cooler UK are best and long lasting. Some rack wall mounted are readymade available but its better if you design the way you want and the way you love. Here are some basic startup tips which will guide for a wine collection.

Set a budget

Before you start, first set the budget. From the start, be conscious of how much you want to spend because it can get away very quickly. As wine bottle investment should be planned according to budgets and likeness. There is no point to stock up most expensive wine and don’t get chance to serve it. A very practical suggestion is to break down shop into three categories; good better and best. The price range of each category vary and depend on the types of wine and regions.

Track of what you have:

At the beginning, you need to know about the wine and where each bottle is. Keep a track of your wine collection. There are software and can be done manually, but first one is better option. Having a record of each and everything is best for starting any business. Moreover, to identify wine on the spot, a variety of aps are available which include tasting notes, filters, storage and ‘bottle-life management systems to track the age of wine bottle.

Cellar installation:

Even a tiny apartment for setting up wine. Good wine cellar is important that should have thermal-lined storage place with ambient temperature of 18 degree all around and built-in steel mesh wine racks. The best cellars are well insulated, secure and detaches.

Give theme:

Wine shop is for relaxation, fun and entertainment. Create environment as people want. Mostly wine shops are dark, dim lights and have wooden structures. Proper theme should be set and proper setup should develop according to need of customers and nature as well. Amazing theme for wine bar or pub that will help in expanding your reach and grow business rapidly.

Participate in Sales:

After all installation and setup, attracting customers are important task. Wine club mailing lists are an awesome place to start. Send emails regularly with the sales offers and description of wine. Nowadays, free tasting is trending to showcase your wine collection and connect with people. Sale is a fantastic way to curate rare and fine wine. Online website and advertisement online will help a lot in startup business of wine.


Wine collection setup is a good way to learn about wine, people and their choice, and observe the changes as it ages. Selection of wine glass, wine type, your nature and complete setup matters a lot for startup.

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