A Guide on choosing right Crockery for your Restaurant

A Guide on choosing right Crockery for your Restaurant

Choosing crockery for your restaurant is not an easy task. The market has so much variety to offer in crockery range, which make it hard to decide as to which one to take and which one to leave. It is important to purchase commercial crockery from commercial crockery suppliers which match with your restaurant theme and services. For instance, if you are serving only smoothies, mocktails, or shakes; you must have designer long glasses, stylish jars or long spoons in your crockery.

The style of your crockery depends solely on its usage. Choosing colors also play an important role while selecting perfect crockery for your restaurant. Think before buying as how it will look on your table. To take right decision while choosing perfect commercial crockery, here is the guide to help you-


Consider how durable is the crockery which you wanted to buy. Crockery is the only thing in your restaurant which keeps on using on a day to day basis. It keeps on rotating from serving to washing, drying to placing and then again the same cycle continues. To withstand the life of crockery, it needs to be durable. If it is not that durable, you might end up in replacing crockery soon. You may find cheaper options available in the market, but spending a little more will help you in purchasing good crockery for long time.


Apart from durability, crockery should be versatile too. Thousand of dishes are being prepared in the restaurant on a daily basis. Crockery will be used to serve multiple dishes, sometimes you may be using the same plate to serve pasta that you were earlier used to serve sandwiches. Make sure that while buying commercial crockery, you imagine how it will probably look for different food items.


Consider buying crockery that fits well in your kitchen. You can easily place them on shelves, store them in racks, and you have enough space to keep them safe. Another thing to consider is whether you need more small size crockery or large size crockery. This will depend on the food items you are serving. It will make no sense in purchasing large plates for a bakery business serving cookies and pastries. So, it all depends on your needs of the business.

Right Pattern and Right Color

Undoubtedly, one of the important factors to consider while buying a new range of commercial crockery is what color and pattern will suit your restaurant. Think about your restaurant’s theme and location. You should ask yourself, what ambiance you want to create for your restaurant, what style of dining you want in your restaurant. Accordingly, make a note about your requirements. Serving in impressive and stylish crockery will have a greater impact on the customers. Make sure that whatever color and pattern you select, it should complement your restaurant.

Right Crockery Suppliers

The market is full of shops selling high-end quality commercial crockery in varying designs and styles. But, choosing commercial crockery suppliers will help you in making the right decision. They will help in understanding your needs and suggesting economical and durable crockery range for your establishment. You have to ensure that you are buying only best crockery for your catering business from Professional Catering Supplies. Purchasing from the brand on whom you can trust upon is always the best option.


It is likely to consider budget while purchasing anything. Same applies while buying commercial crockery for your hotel or restaurant. Opening a new restaurant requires huge investment. You set out an overall budget for everything as to how much you need to spend on décor, on kitchen equipments, on crockery and so on. It is an essential part of your planning to make a budget and stick to that. Keep this budget in your mind while shopping and make sure that you grab the best deals in your budget.


Apart from the quality of the commercial crockery, work on quantity as well. Make a note on the number of items you need regarding different range of crockery. This will help you out in purchasing the requisite amount of crockery range. Quantity plays an important role, imagine you need small plates to serve food, but you have so many numbers of large plates on your shelves. That it takes time to find smaller ones. So, shop according to the quantity you require.

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