Add Some Gourmet to Your Day

Add Some Gourmet to Your Day

Eating food that is both fresh and delicious somehow seems unfortunately inconvenient. Fast food isn’t fresh, and delicious food isn’t fast. But you don’t have to worry about that if you stop by a Waterfront Gourmet Café, or order Waterfront Gourmet Catering! With fresh, never frozen food, quality ingredients, and a wide menu of scrumptious, familiar favorites, you can have it both ways: fresh and fast (and always yummy)! We are happy to now have four locations to provide you with a local, fresh-food eatery, with cafés in University City, Dilworth Plaza, Penn’s Landing, and the Roberts Center. From morning to evening, stop by for a quick fix of something delicious! Whether you’re looking for breakfast in University City or Italian Catering Center City, we can provide you with quick service and real, quality meals!


The most important meal of the day is…important! Skipping breakfast or putting something less-than-nutritious in your stomach is an easy way to get your day off to a sluggish, dragging start. Instead, carpe diem and face your day head-on by fueling your fire at Waterfront Gourmet! You’ll feel energized, satisfied, and ready to go after enjoying a breakfast sandwich and a hot latte. If you’re feeling something simple and classic, we suggest the Waterfront Gourmet Breakfast Egg Sandwich, with two home fried eggs, American cheese, and an addition of ham, bacon, sausage, or turkey sausage, as you like! Want something a bit more adventurous? How about a Mexican Egg Burrito – two home fried eggs, Vermont cheddar cheese, salsa, avocado, tomato, and your choice of protein! Burritos for breakfast, what could be better? Perhaps Breakfast a la California, with two home fried eggs, half an avocado, cilantro, feta, and some sriracha for good measure! If you’re feeling something even quicker and easier, grab a freshly baked bagel and get on your way! Do you prefer some caffeine in the early hours? We have gourmet illy coffee to brew up your favorite latte, cappuccino, Americano, or simple cup of joe.

Lunch and Dinner

Our selection of classic-inspired sandwiches, salads, soups, paninis, hoagies, and vegetarian specialties is sure to whet your appetite! Try a new take on an old favorite, such as Picante Chicken Quesadilla, with cilantro, red onion, hot peppers, and chipotle mayo, to give it that extra kick. Craving a salad? How about our refreshing Pop Berry, with organic spinach, strawberries, cranberries, crumbled bacon, feta, and walnuts? A hoagie is always a great go-to for lunch or dinner, and we would be remiss not to include a cheesesteak on our menu! Ours comes with premium roast beef, red onions, spicy mayo, roasted red peppers, and plenty of melted pepper jack cheese. We also offer a classic Italian hoagie, with Prosciutto piccolo, capicola ham, Genoa salami, pepper ham, and sharp Provolone (you can never go wrong with an Italian hoagie)! If vegetarian is your thing, try out our crowd-pleasing Tofu Sub, with organic, extra firm tofu, scallions, sprouts, avocado, tomato, and spicy mayo? And we have a rotating daily selection of soups that are sure to warm you up, too!


Give us 24 hours notice and we are happy to offer free delivery catering to make your event memorable and special! Wedding Catering, Birthday Catering, Corporate Events, and Italian Catering Center City – we can do it all. We accommodate groups and gatherings both large and small – just contact us to select the perfect menu for your event! We have plenty of options for kids as well as adults, and a mouth-watering selection of freshly-baked desserts that your guests will love.

We hope to see you for a bite, a sip, or a chat at either one of our cafés or at your next splendid catered event!

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