A Barstool for Every Restaurant Aesthetic

A Barstool for Every Restaurant Aesthetic

When investing in furniture for your bar or restaurant, it is essential to take into account that how you choose to decorate your space says a lot about your establishment, especially to newcomers. That is why it is crucial to not only invest in products that are high quality, but also those that fit with your establishment’s brand aesthetic. So, if you’re asking yourself “where can I find a premium Restaurant Supply Store Near Me?” look no further than Gator Chef.

Here are some of the best bar stools you can find at Gator Chef for every type of establishment:

The ‘Happy Hour’ Spot

Your establishment probably opens at midday and is known throughout the greater area for its happy hour/after work specials. Regulars come here to blow off steam after their 9-5 and might turn happy hour into a quick dinner at the bar as well. If this sounds like your place, then the Royal Industries Ladder Back Metal Bar Stool is probably the top pick for you. This high-top chair features a metal ladder back framed with a matte black finish and black upholstered seating. The stool is designed for comfort, featuring a quality durable construction with included lumbar support; the perfect addition to your happy hour spot!

The Local Lunch Sport

Your place is local, known throughout the area, and nothing like those big chain spots. It’s cozy and casual and is known to be the best place to get a quick, delicious bite to eat on the lunch break. All the patrons know the staff, and vice versa, so when you take a seat at the bar, you never feel like you’re eating or drinking alone. If this sounds like your establishment then the Royal Industries Wood Barstool is just what you need. With its slight rustic and homey wooden construction, the seat also features an upholstered black vinyl seat cushion to provide extra comfort and lumbar support, making your place the perfect spot for lunch.

The Sports Bar

Did someone say ‘sports bar’? That’s right; the game is always on at your place–and not just THE game, but EVERY game. Loyal fans from every walk of sport can come around knowing they can kick back with a cold one and watch their team. If this sounds like your place, then there is no doubt that the Royal Industries Chrome Swivel Bar Stool with Back Support is the right choice for you. Your patrons will be spinning back and forth from the games on screen, to the bar, to the other games on across the room in the Royal Industries Chrome Swivel Bar Stool Chair.

The Honkey Tonk Spot

Garth Brooks is probably playing on the jukebox, and there’s a basket of peanuts at the bar. Everyone at the bar has a history, and there’s perhaps a pool table or two filling the backdrop scenery. With the Royal Industries Chrome Swivel Stool Without Back, your patrons can have a 360-degree view of the goings on another place. This stool features a four-inch thick tailored seat with two sewn welts and a one-inch padded seat top with a fourteen-inch diameter for added comfort. The heavy-duty vinyl upholstery can handle almost any and all conditions, and the chrome frame with single ring adds enforced structure and support. The ball bearing swivel seat creates 360-degree, circumspect mobility for your patron’s ultimate comfort.

No matter the theme of your establishment, there is always a barstool to fit your aesthetic. From sports bar to lunch spot, Gator Chef has the style that fits your needs. So the next time you find yourself asking, “where is the best restaurant supply store near me?” look no further than Gator Chef. For more information on the aforementioned products, and many more commercial restaurant supplies visit gatorchef.com.

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