Best 7 Nutrition-Rich Juice Recipes For Healthy Living

Best 7 Nutrition-Rich Juice Recipes For Healthy Living

It is without a doubt that whole fruits and vegetables are good for you, however, many of us live a lifestyle that does not allow us to consume them on a daily basis. Whilst juice is not at all a replacement for whole vegetables or fruits, it does, however, let you consume these healthy fruits and vegetables in a more accessible manner and also allows you to incorporate the greens in your diet.  Here is a list of nutrition-rich juices you can make

Age Fighting Juice

It is without a doubt that lack of exercise and sleep can lead to visible ageing. It is recommended to incorporate antioxidant-packed fruits and veggies when juicing for health. All you need is 1 cup of water, blueberries and a half cup of strawberries, whip out your commercial juice dispenser and insert them all in, in the end, add half-sized beet with 1 large leaf kale and voila Your age-fighting juice is ready to be had!

Energy Boosting Juice

Do you take caffeine in the form of tea or coffee to energize yourself during the day? Don’t! I have just the perfect green drink to keep you moving during the day. Take your blender, and add 1 large cucumber 1 handful of kale, spinach, parsley, a quarter lemon and some pieces of ginger and there you have it and drink full of energy.

Juice To Satisfy Your Craving For Sweet

Cinnamon is an ingredient that contains different compounds which help regulate your blood sugar levels. So, with that in mind, the best juicing for health equation for all you sweet tooth’s out there would be, Stable blood sugar equals fewer sugar cravings

Immune System Boosting Juice

Do you suffer from common cold frequently or other infections that happen to you throughout the year? Well go ahead and start sipping on this concoction to stay well all year. It is known that Garlic as an ingredient contains sulfur-containing compounds which in general have powerful immune-boosting properties.

Hydrating Juice

Ever thought of trying a juice for health that requires almost no investment, especially in any sort of appliances or utensils? Well, there is one. And it is called coconut water. Coconut water is known to have a dose of electrolytes that are the same as those that balance our blood.

Stress Relieving Juice

Spinach is known to be a substance that is very high in the amino acid tryptophan this technically helps in elevating our mood and also helps us sleep better. Another thing about spinach is that it is high in magnesium this helps in relaxing out nerves and muscles. So, all you need to get the perfect relaxing juice is 2 big handfuls spinach and add that in with 3 stalks broccoli and 3 stalks celery.

Juice For Better Digestion

Many of us have digestions issues that we do not even know of, these issues later result in a slow metabolism. For both with proper digestive issues and underlying ones, it is well-known that papaya provides digestive aid, Papaya contains papain which basically an enzyme that helps digest proteins.

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