Cake Boxes Properties to Enhance your Cake Presentation

Cake Boxes Properties to Enhance your Cake Presentation

Cake packaging is a necessary part of product management. Cake boxes are used for protecting the cakes and transferring them safely to the consumer. It is not the only purpose for which these food boxes are designed rather they play an important part to create a long-lasting impression on the customers. With the help of printing or packaging labels, you can make your brand recognizable. The presentation is the key to success especially in the case of tempting products like cakes. Below are some of the cake boxes properties you may use to enhance the presentation:

Protection works at its Best:

No matter how attractively you have designed cake boxes if they are unable to provide ultimate protection to the products, all goes useless. The packaging should be such that which retains the flavor and freshness of the product. A perfectly designed cake box safe the cakes from dust, moisture, sunshine, and changes in temperature. It also prevents the frosting from smudging all around by holding the cakes at their place. The odor-lock coating conceals the freshness of the cakes. As a result, when you open the box even after hours you get the same aroma and taste.

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Be Playful with Colors:

Experimenting with different colors is the best way to attract customers at first sight. You can create a wide assortment of colors for your cake boxes. It is a good tactic to retain your regular customers. It adds an artistic touch to your packaging and makes you stand out of the competition. Designing the custom food boxes in red, yellow or orange color can provide a more tempting effect.

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Attractive Logo:

Whether you want to design cake boxes, cookie boxes or other types of bakery packaging, using an attractive logo adds to the visual appeal to your packaging. It enhances the presentation of your cake boxes. A logo speaks for itself. Moreover, it also plays a vital role in promoting your brand among the target audience.


Follow Seasonality:

Making attractive changes in your cake boxes according to the nature of the event is a good way to inspire the customers. It adds more value to your joyous celebrations. For example, if its Christmas season, you can design the boxes in red and green. Use colorful ribbons on the box. Tie a tag with a wish “Merry Christmas”. Such personalized greetings create an emotional attachment of the customers towards your brand.

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Show off the Products in a Right Way:

If you are a part of the bakery business for years, you might estimate the benefits of showcasing your products in an effective manner. Using window boxes is the best way to do so. They increase the visibility of your products by providing an alluring view. You can customize the size of the display window according to your requirement. Nowadays, manufacturers also prefer full transparent packaging to provide a tempting display of their lovely creations. You can design window boxes DIY or handing window boxes to facilitate the customers in carrying the product.

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Innovative Variations in Box Style:

Customers are always in search of something new. Introducing innovative variations in the cake box style is a good way to compete in the marketplace. In addition to the traditional square shaped box, you can create round boxes with lids, window boxes or the pull-out boxes for large cakes. Such type of packaging will be an interesting addition to your cake box family.


Minimalistic Approach:

Sometimes a simple design is perfect enough to enhance the cake box presentation. It’s the reason that some of the top confectionaries design their cookie boxes, cake boxes and other packagings in a minimalistic way. Minimalism allows the customers to create a perfect balance between patterns, graphics and color schemes. Coloring the box in a single color and introducing the brand’s logo on it is also an interesting way to design the cake boxes in an elegant and simple way.

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Boxes with Handles:

Customers always prefer the packaging which proves functional and practical. Using built-in handles on the food boxes make them more presentable. It also facilitates the customers in carrying their products easily from one place to another. Such cake boxes are designed according to special templates. The boxes have an easy to assemble mechanism. The handle pops up as the box get shaped. You may introduce other add-on options like insert trays to increase their protection.

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