Cool Tips To Keep Your Summer Drinks Chiller For Longer

Cool Tips To Keep Your Summer Drinks Chiller For Longer

Wondering on how to keep your drinks cold for a long period of time? Summer is upon and are you searching for ways to keep your drinks away from getting warm? In today’s guide, we bring you some cool tips that are bound to keep your summer drinks chilled whether you are going out for a camping trip or a day on the beach. Finding your drinks not cold enough on a hot summer day could be the worst nightmare for the majority of us, such disappointment could ruin the whole day-out. With some creative and clever ideas, you can avoid such disappointment. From portable commercial ice machine to cooler liners, we have got you covered with the following tips that you can use to avoid your drinks getting warm during the summer season.

1. Pre-chilling your drinks

Pre-chill your drinks when they are packed. This will allow them to stay cooler for a longer period of time. if your drinks are room temperature, wrap them with toilet paper or damp cloth in the chiller for about 15 mins. Take them out afterwards to have instant refreshing. Once they are opened you can keep them again in the refrigerator but they should be capped properly, especially if it is a fizzy drink.

2. Use high technology refrigerators

There are a lot of new chillers in the market which have the latest technology for chilling. Some of them are specially designed for chilling the bottles, cans and for different beverages and wines. Try to search for special kind of such refrigerators so that your drinks can be placed separately.

3. Use the icebox

During summers it is hard to keep the drinks cold all time as you may have to take the bottles out of the chillers and serve it. Especially when you are on a trip outside, you should have an icebox so that your drinks can stay cooler in it for a longer time. Iceboxes are not so expensive; it is like one-time expense and they will come handy afterward from time to time. These iceboxes are made to provide insulation and chillness to the drinks and are easy to carry.

4. Keeping your drinks packed

Even if you are buying drinks for your house use in bulk, you should always store them in room temperature. Read the expiry of drinks so that you can have an idea that how long your drinks will last and go according to it. Just when you are about to serve them, place them for few hours into the chiller and then take them out of the chiller. Remember, a lot of fluctuation in the temperature of the drink may decrease its quality.

5. Using ice cubes

If you are running out of ideas and you do not have enough options to keep your drinks cold for long then you can simply pick a bucket and fill it up with a lot of ice. You can use one large crushed ice or ice cubes as well and place your drinks in it. This will keep them cool even in hot weather.


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