How To Deal With A Leaking Vape Tank

How To Deal With A Leaking Vape Tank

Theoretically, buying a well-manufactured vape tank should exonerate you from vape tank leaks, but, in reality, it just isn’t the case. Things happen. Whether it’s a faulty device or improper handling or care, there is always a possibility that a tank could leak. Instead of trying to purchase tanks that will never leak, properly taking care of the tank and being prepared for leaks is a more realistic and effective way of handling things.

Getting the Best Rated Vape Juice and being vigilant about the care of the device is key in expanding the lifespan of your tank.

Vape Tank

Coil Care

If the coils of a device are not well taken care of or have become too old, they pose a great threat for leaks. Further, buying the wrong coils can cause issues. Manufacturers build coils that work extremely well with their products. While this means they will get the most life out of their intended pair, it also means they are not designed for universal use.

In fact, using multiple spare parts in one device makes leaks nearly inevitable. Wear and tear could also be the culprit for leaks. Coils that have been used for so long that they have gotten out of shape need to be replaced. Compared to other parts, coils are relatively cheap and easy to replace.

Vape Technique

The way the device is used can also impact whether the tank leaks or not. It is actually more likely than not that issues with a device are due to the user than the manufacturer. This is even more likely when the issue is a leaking tank. Simply being more careful and mindful while holding the e-cig or vape mod can lead to less leaking on its own.

Inhaling too sharply can draw juice out of the tank, which will lead to many issues for the device. Instead, take longer puffs to get the same hit of nicotine without harming the device. The mouthpiece may also be leaking due to condensation of juice. This may appear as a leak but regulating the power button by releasing it as soon as you take a puff, or cleaning the mouthpiece more often, will make it no longer appear to leak.

Type of Juice

If you decided against the best rated vape juice and opted for a cheaper alternative, you’ll likely notice wear and tear on your device rather than just a dip in vape quality. Depending on the type of juice you decide to buy, there are different leaking issues that could arise. For instance, a PG based e juice is thinner which makes it more likely to leak. If leaking has been a constant issue, switch to a VG or, if you use a combo, choose an e juice that has a better PG VG ratio. The flavor profile won’t change much but you’ll notice far less leakage.

Add Material

Adding wicking material can severely lessen the leak on a vaping device. This is the most effective when a rebuildable atomizer is being used, but can help any vaping mod. Also, extra power can help. It vaporizes more of the juice. Extra power isn’t a long term solution, and the extra wicking material should also be temporary. However, it will provide a quick fix to avoid further damage while you get replacement parts.

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