Easiest Hot Fudge Sundae Recipe You Must Try

Easiest Hot Fudge Sundae Recipe You Must Try

Ice creams usually topped with a variety of stuff like hot fudge, chocolate serums, granulated candies, syrups and much more. Many ice cream lover loves to coat with hot fudge because of its taste and deliciousness. Below is easiest hot fudge sundae recipe mentioned which you should try at home. The interesting point is that you can make this recipe at home also very quickly and store in chilled display cabinets.

1- Ingredients Required For Hot Fudge

Hot fudge sundae recipe is easy to make at home because all ingredients are readily available in local markets. Essential components are chocolate chips which should be semi-sweet, granulated sugar, evaporated milk, salted butter, and vanilla extract. All of these elements are readily obtainable from local shops.

2- Why Prefer Hot Fudge Over Chocolate Syrup?

Although there are many other products used for sundae topping and the making of sundae recipe, however, hot fudge is preferred over others because of its thicker texture and consistent layers. On the other hand, the chocolate syrup has thinner layers and is made up of corn syrup, cocoa powder, which is not sweet, water, salt, and vanilla extract. However, hot fudge is rich in ingredient and has a pleasant taste.

3- Method Of Making Hot Fudge

This recipe is most comfortable to cook at home. You must have all elements, supply of gas and saucepan to make it. Following steps will assist in making it quickly

• Take a pan, and add all necessary ingredients in it except vanilla extract.
• You cook all the ingredients to melt slightly for six to eight minutes.
• Slightly boil and stir it frequently. Remove the pan immediately after it becomes somewhat melted.
• Now put this mixture in vanilla and stir it regularly.
• Cool it for five to ten minutes until you get a thick and cold brew.

4- Storage Of Hot Fudge

After making hot fudge, it is necessary to cool it down. Store it in refrigeration after pouring into an airtight container like a jar. It can remain usable for one month if placed in refrigeration. If you want to reuse it for coating over ice cream, do not melt all hot fudge, take a significant portion and heat it in microwave oven or cook it in a pan for a few seconds.

5- Utilization Of Hot Fudge Sundae

Hot fudge sundae is easy to use. Take a vital portion of hot fudge and top it over ice cream to get dessert. You can also use it for cutting over the surface of cakes, brownies, ice creams, and cupcakes.

It is easiest hot fudge sundae recipe which anyone can make in a home with little deliberation. Before starting, make sure you have all the vital ingredients. It is also essential to know step by step guide to make this recipe to avoid failure. Now, you can feel confident in the cooking of the easiest method at home. You can surprise your family and guest with your newly learned ice cream topping hot fudge recipe. I hope you will get appreciation from family and guests over this creation.

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