Everyone Loves to Drink Beer So Save The Beer!

Everyone Loves to Drink Beer So Save The Beer!

Who does not love drinking beer? There are even virtual beer tasting events that have popped up recently. Almost every one of us enjoys drinking it as it enables us to be the person we can’t be while sober and admit things we wouldn’t be brave enough to tell the next person.

Real friends, real companions are the kind of people whom we want to be with sitting and chilling in bars on weekends when we think of cracking a beer. This is what we eagerly wait for after the hustle and bustle days of work.

Suppose that you are a bar owner and a relatively large number of consumers visit your bar regularly. What can be more delightful than this? But there may be chances when your bar runs out of beer, and this may disappoint your customers. So it is vital to save and reduce the wastage of beer. For this, an exclusive product called Beer Fob (DFC 9500) is built, which saves beer in each keg and helps in the wastage of beer flow. This product helps in eliminating the air filling in beer pipelines by keeping the beer lines always full of beer. As a result, it automatically reduces the amount of beer wastage and acts as a beneficial factor to your business.

What are the problems that arise when you have excess foam in your beer?

The problem that usually arises is there is some foam left in the barrel when it becomes empty. The foam will fill the beer line, not only making the beer you pour to become all the head out of nowhere  but also force you to purify the lines. In this way, a vast amount of beer is wasted when a line is filled with foam which requires to be cleared. Such massive wastage is reduced by using a fob in your beer system.

How does DFC 9500 work?

Beer Fob (DFC 9500) is built with engineering-grade plastics which are designed specially to reduce wastage of beer. You can link multiple fobs with a single line. It will allow you to switch from one keg to another without any hurdle. You don’t even need to tap the vent when one keg goes empty as it automatically switches over to the second one. You can quickly shift the empty barrel except for the current one whenever required.

How to maintain and install this product?

  • If you have to replace an empty keg with a full one, firstly, you have to detach it from the keg coupler and then attach to a new one.
  • Push the vent and wait for the foam to settle, which takes a few minutes. Now vent again to examine if the chamber is full of beer.
  • Spin the knob clockwise until it stops. The float will rise to the chamber.
  • Fasten the knob by rotating clockwise until it stops. That’s it! Your system will now be ready to pour beer free of foam.

What are the benefits that come with this Beer Fob System?

  • This product helps tin pouring beer without any interference.
  • You can install the product smoothly into any Cooler Room Configuration.
  • It is effortless to clean as the product can be taken apart completely and put back together in a few minutes.
  • Helps to gain more profit.
  • It helps in reducing the amount of CO2 or beer gas, which is used because it no longer fills the supply line and escapes out of the tap.
  • You can change the kegs easily, which requires less time and hence the supply lines need not be cleared of gas and foam to get “clear” beer.

There are four main elements of this beer fob system:

  1. Keg
  2. Coupler
  3. Foam on beer detector (FOB)
  4. Faucet

Keg – Kegs allow for storage and transport of beer. They protect the product from light and air and also allow for the rapid distribution of the product. Kegs are usually made of stainless steel, while some are rubber-coated, aluminum, steel, or plastic. The barrel has a valve onto which the coupler is attached.

Coupler – The coupler attaches to the keg valve and allows CO2 to enter the keg and beer to come out of the keg.

Foam on beer detector (FOB) – FOB generally means foam on the beer. In a fob draft system, the beer fob stops the beer flow immediately when the keg goes empty. Therefore, it removes the foam that forms due to an empty barrel.

Faucet – The faucet is the “tap” that dispenses the beer to the glass.

If you don’t want your beer to go waste because of more switches of barrels or longer beer lines, then make use of this Beer Fob (DFC 9500) system. To purchase this equipment choose a good and reliable company that provides this product at reasonable rates. Some of them are listed below:

  1. Double Beer Fob
  2. Beer Equipment
  3. Kegswitcher

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