Food Items That Will Help You To Maintain Diabetics

Food Items That Will Help You To Maintain Diabetics

Owing to the sedentary lifestyle and poor eating habits of people, diabetes has become a common problem these days. Diabetic people have almost double the risk of heart attacks and mental disorders. Thus, it is important to take charge of your life in time so as to save yourself from any fatal problem.

Maintaining diabetes does not mean depriving yourself of all the joys and flavours. It just includes a healthy diet capable of keeping your blood sugar levels under control.

Some myths and facts about maintaining diabetes:

1.Myth: Avoid sugar in all forms

Fact: Everything under limits is fine. Even desserts in limited quantities are permissible.

2.Myth: Cut down on carbohydrates

Fact: Focus on whole grain carbs more than starchy carbs. Also, the size of your meal makes a difference. Excess of everything can be bad.

3.Myth: You need to have a special diet plan and meals

Face: The rules for a healthy diet remain the same for everyone, be it a diabetic person or a healthy individual. Everyone needs to have a balanced diet rich in nutrients. For diabetic patients, however, all they need to do is choose better alternatives with less sugar content.

Food items to eat more and less:

Foods to eat more:

  • High fiber cereals and bread made of whole grains
  • Healthy nuts, avocados
  • Fresh fruits and vegetables. Prefer complete fruits over juices.
  • High protein foods such as eggs, beans, low-fat milk products
  • Essential fat from olive oil, fish oil, and flax seeds

Foods to eat less:

  • a.Fast foods
  • b.Packaged food items
  • c.White bread, refined rice or sugary cereals
  • d.High sugar containing baked products, cookies, etc
  • e.Processed meat
  • f.Deep fried food items

Food items that help maintain diabetes:

Following is a list of foods that are delicious and help to maintain diabetes. These would surely give you all the flavors you crave for without having any adverse health impacts.

1.HyFyber Soup – Tomato Flavour:

Filled with natural fibers from wheat and guar gram, this is all you would need for a good healthy diabetic diet. This product helps your body to regulate the sugar level. They also help in absorption of sugar from the intestines into the blood thereby helping regulate the sugar level after meals. And, don’t just get us started on the incredible taste! This miraculous product will be a good source of trans fat, protein and best part is, it does not contain any preservatives. It’s healthy, nutritious and delicious. Other than all these amazing benefits, this high fiber soup also helps in weight loss and cholesterol management. So, it’s like one product and so many benefits!

HyFyber Soup

2.Souprotin Soup – Manchow Flavour:

Who could have imagined that our favorite manchow soup could have a healthy variant which is so good for diabetes management? This product is like a soup based alternative for milk-based proteins. It’s the perfect food for all those who are lactose intolerant as it helps your body gain all the required proteins without the consumption of milk. Also, milk usually requires the addition of sugar or other sweetening flavours which are not advised for diabetic patients. This means that Souprotin soup is the best choice for proteins for diabetic patients as well.

Souprotin Soup

Also, this amazing soup is gluten-free, so for those gluten allergic people, they can still fill in their stomach with this delicious food without any worries. Due to no-sweetness and low-fat contents, the soup is also perfect for those striving for weight loss. This high protein soup will help your body fight all the problems caused by high blood sugar levels like low immunity, metabolism slowdown or muscle pains. And don’t forget, it is incredibly delicious! You won’t even realize that you’re eating something so healthy! We are sure that you would not want to miss out on this high protein soup.


Who doesn’t love milkshakes? But for all those suffering from diabetes milkshakes are like a big NO. But no longer! This Dybesweet milkshake by Nutrasphere is the best choice for enjoying a fat-free milkshake without hurting the blood sugar levels in your body. It has a high protein content which helps meet the protein requirements of your body and save you from any health issues which might happen due to protein deficiency. Also, it is gluten-free. Thus, the gluten-allergic people can also enjoy it without worrying. This Fat free milkshake can also easily become a part of your weight management diet. This delightful food product will make your boring diabetic diet flavorful! You should definitely try out this best weight loss product specially made considering those who are diabetic.



Diabetes has become such a common problem these days that now out of every 10 people, you can find at least 1-2 suffering from type-1 or type-2 diabetes. Managing diabetes is not a big problem. With a healthy diet, proper exercises and medications, one can easily enjoy life without any worries. With nutritionists and companies trying to make innovations, one can easily find tasty food items made especially for diabetic patients. Thus, diabetes is an easily controllable problem. All you need to do is keep a check on your eating habits and regulate your life a bit. With a balanced diet, you can enjoy your life as you did before being diabetic!

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