Get the Best Weight Loss Coffee by Knowing How to Extract

Get the Best Weight Loss Coffee by Knowing How to Extract

A cup of coffee can be of different types and taste. Know your requirement and make the best cup of coffee to get the maximum benefit. In simple words, extraction is the process of dissolving the coffee components from the ground or roasted coffee. The extraction of coffee compounds directly affects the aroma and taste of it. Some of those compounds are such as carbohydrates, caffeine, acids, etc. when coffee extraction is made in the correct way; you can just relax at your home and drink coffee to lose weight.It is very important to extract the coffee in the perfect way to get the best possible result of coffee on weight loss.

Understand the right Coffee extraction level

The level of coffee extraction determines the taste, aroma, sweetness or bitterness of the coffee. An ideal extraction percentage lies between 19-22 percent. Under-extracted coffee cannot give you the right balance between sweetness and bitterness. So, get the perfect cup of coffee by knowing the proper extraction level and turn it into the best weight loss coffee.

Examine your coffee taste to control its extraction level

Learn to judge the right taste of your coffee. Where an increased level of sourness indicates the presence of more acid in it, compared to other components, a bitter taste indicates over-extraction of your coffee grounds. Another condition includes inconsistent extraction. In this, a little amount of coffee is over-extracted, whereas, the remaining portion is less extracted. You should also avoid this kind of coffee. To enhance the flavour and taste of your coffee along with its benefits, extract it in the right way.

If you prefer to have dark roast beans then remember that it will get extracted quickly and get dissolved in water more quickly. It is because; they are kept under heat for a longer period of time.

Genetic coffee characteristics that affect extraction

The genetic characteristics of coffee are beyond your ability to control. But, you can concentrate on factors like water temperature, brewing method; grind size, etc. to make the perfect extraction. A finely ground coffee can be extracted quickly create more bitter taste, whereas, coarse coffee can increase the acidic feature and takes more time. The exposure to more surface area is the reason behind quick extraction of finely ground coffee compared to coarse coffee. Water temperature also plays a vital role in coffee extraction. Higher water temperature can help in quick coffee extraction. On the other hand, the low temperature of the water can increase the extraction time. So, when the pre-existing coffee variables are well controlled, you can get the best weight loss coffee.

Thus, although every kind of coffee comes with health benefits, you can just maximize its impact on your body, by knowing the right way to extract your coffee; you can simply make a delicious cup accompanied with the major health benefits. Follow the above-mentioned steps and try to maintain the right water temperature, grind size and brew time to improve coffee extraction and get the best result along with the magic coffee.

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