Are There Any Healthy and Sugar Free Jams and Jellies Available?

Are There Any Healthy and Sugar Free Jams and Jellies Available?

Do you love jams? This is a must read for you 

All over the world, one of the favourite accompaniments and flavour enhancers is jam. People love jams and jellies. They add it in so many dishes and desserts and also make drinks with adding jams in it. But commonly, people hear that jams are not healthy. Why so? The main reason jams are not considered healthy is because they are high in sugar. The amounts of sugar in these jams are very high and sugar, as you all know, is very unhealthy to consume. 

What are the problems associated with sugar? Why is it unhealthy? 

With sugar, you are inviting a bag full of health issues into your life. Some of the common ways sugar harm your health are – 

  • Sugar causes blood sugar levels to spike in the body. 
  • It increases the risk of type two diabetes. 
  • Sugar causes the chances of heart risks. 
  • It leads to obesity. 
  • It interferes with the functioning of the immune system. 
  • It can lead to chromium deficiency in the body. 
  • It accelerates aging. 
  • It causes tooth decay and also leads to gum diseases. 
  • It may affect cognition and behaviour in children. 
  • It increases stress and depression. 
  • It takes the place of important nutrients in the body and hampers health. 
  • It causes skin aging and is associated with acne. 

These are some of the many other health issues that sugar may lead to. With such risks, is it worth it to include sugar in your diets? No, right? It is better to avoid sugar and shift to sugar free! 

Introducing sugar free jam jellies 

How to go sugar free when you love sweet jams and jellies? Well, you should try sugar free jam. A good sugar free jam will not compromise on taste and sweetness but ensure it is absolutely without sugar. We at Goodgood bring to you our range of sugar free jams and jellies that are loaded with many advantages and benefits. Firstly, they are naturally srumoursd using stevia, erythritol, and maltitol. These are all plant based sweeteners and safe for consumption. They are way too sweeter than usual sugar and healthy too! Then, these jams and jellies are absolutely vegan and vegetarian friendly. No animal product goes into its making. These jams add zero carbohydrates and calories. Therefore, these jams and jellies fit perfectly into the keto diet plans. Also, another advantage is that these jams are very safe for people with diabetes. These jams are made from real fruits and have naturally occuring sugars and therefore, it does not cause a spike in blood sugar level in the body. And even for people with gluten allergies, these jams are safe because they are gluten friendly. With so many benefits, our range of sugar free jams and jellies is the best and the healthiest alternative for your jam cravings. 

Leave your sweetener doubts behind 

Is sugar free jam good for you? Well, there are a lot of myths about sugar free jams and sweeteners. Some say they cause weight gain, or increase blood sugar level, some say that these sweeteners are artificial and not good for health. Well all these myths are just myths. They are not true! We answer the question – is sugar free jam good for you with a safe yes. Natural sweeteners are good and healthy and do not create any trouble in terms of health and safety. 

Where to buy the sugar free jam? 

We have our section of jams, spreads and syrups on our official website We have a lot of flavours – strawberry, raspberry, forest fruits, apricot, blackcurrant, blueberry, chocolate hazelnut, chocolate orange, maple, etc. You can buy any flavour of your liking. All our sugar free jams. Just place it in the cart and checkout and make payment. You are good to go! 

Choose right and healthy with sugar free jams 

Don’t give into or believe in myths about sugar free sweeteners. Our sugar free jams are naturally sweetened and healthy! Enjoy your favourite dishes with that sweetness in a healthy way! Give them a try! You will surely love it!

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