How Can Product Information File Portal Ensure Information Control in the Food Industry

How Can Product Information File Portal Ensure Information Control in the Food Industry

A food-related business runs many operations simultaneously and requires meticulous management. A proper way of organising and storing data, important files, and information is crucial for smooth functioning.

If you are searching for options to find a PIF or product information file portal for your company, there are a number of things to consider.

What is a PIF Portal?

According to the AGFC, Product Information Form (PIF) is a questionnaire developed for the food industry in Australia and New Zealand to meet product information needs from a compliance and legal perspective. Ultimately this saves food and grocery companies money and hassles.

The product information file portal or PIF Portal is a system that replaces the need to track your product data in cumbersome and manual spreadsheets, reducing the need for manual entry. Ultimately, ensuring that food and grocery businesses can easily meet compliance with the Australia New Zealand Food standards code.

In addition to meeting compliance requirements, the PIF portal is a single source of truth and fully searchable database for all your food product data. This includes a fully tracked history of each PIF, ensuring you always have access to the most current version and any changes made.

Selecting a PIF Portal for Your Organisation

The first step to buying a product information file portal for your company is to analyse your business needs. You may need some information about the service provider. Here are some critical features that you should look for in a PIF Portal.

Document Storage and Organisation Tools

It is essential to help employees, customers, and members easily search for a specific file by name or date. Ensure that the PIF portal you wish to buy offers good storage and organisation services.

Powerful Keyword Tagging Capabilities

These capabilities enable easy searching by keywords (for example, brand of appliance, model number, wall ovens). It helps users find all relevant files quickly.

Easy-to-use File Uploading Tools

The tools allow employees to upload additional documents as new products or menus are released or updated. There are no limitations on file size or the number of documents stored this way (other than what the hosting system will support).

Automatic Email Notification

The system will send automatic email messages when another user downloads a file. It eliminates duplicate downloads and ensures that everyone has access to the latest version of a document.

Set Permissions for Files

It provides the ability to set permissions for viewing, downloading, and copying files, so they cannot be changed or replaced in any manner after being downloaded by employees, customers, and members. It prevents outdated or incorrect information about ingredients or raw materials from being distributed inadvertently or maliciously.

Document Sharing Tools

These tools integrate with the most popular email programs. Hence, it is easy to share PIFs through company intranets, social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, instant messaging platforms such as WhatsApp and others.

It provides an intuitive interface that is easy to navigate and doesn’t require an IT department to set up and maintain.


A subscription-based model PIF portal service eliminates the need for a significant upfront investment.

It is an ideal choice for smaller food-related businesses and start-ups looking to grow their PIF program over time. They can also begin sharing materials with customers and members without any expense associated with hiring in-house staff.

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