How to Choose the Best Juicer for Green Juices

How to Choose the Best Juicer for Green Juices


In the current market there are different types of juicers for greens and sometimes choosing the most appropriate can be an arduous task.

A healthy diet consists of several factors, including the daily intake of fruits and green vegetables. Body cleansing, weight loss, healthier skin and better digestion are just some of the benefits of taking juices every day. That is why doctors advise including these foods in each of the meals. A simple and delicious way to achieve this is through the preparation of green juices.

For this reason, at home you can not miss a good juicer for greens. With this tool it is possible to take a fresh green juice every day. However, in the current market there are different types of juicers for greens and sometimes choosing the most appropriate can be an arduous task. On account of this, you can visit this page for more info about best juicer for greens.

However, in this purchase guide you can get the best tips to simplify the choice of the ideal juicer. On the other hand, the needs of each family should be considered, as well as the budget available to make the purchase. Thus, the main types of juicers with which to make juices are the following:

Juice squeezer by centrifugation or blenders

This type of juicers are the most used, this is due to its low and accessible price. They have a wide feeding mouth that allows to introduce green vegetables in large pieces or even whole pieces. This is another attribute favorably valued by green juice lovers. Well, cutting fruits and green vegetables is one of the most tedious tasks.

To process the fruits and green vegetables, the juicer uses a spinning centrifuge movement. This movement is carried out at a sufficiently fast speed, so that the high revolutions allow to cut and grate the introduced vegetables.

In the process, the fruit pulp is separated and expelled towards the container arranged for it, while the juice falls into the respective jar. As indicated, the main benefit of this type of juicer is its cost. Although on the other hand, with the centrifugal juicers, the fruit is used considerably less than with other types of extractors.

Another drawback in the use of centrifuge juicers is that the temperature under which it operates, causes the rapid oxidation of the juice. Consequently, juices prepared with this kind of juicer last considerably less time under optimal conditions.

In addition to the various types of juicers for greens available on the market, the centrifuges are those that produce a higher level of noise. This can be very annoying, especially when preparing breakfast in the morning hours.

Single-shaft juicer

This type of juicers, have an axis that crushes fruits and green vegetables. In this way, the fibrous tissue is broken, thus removing the juice of the introduced green vegetables. Among its advantages is a lower loss of vitamins and minerals compared to centrifugation models.

The reason for this is that having a slow rotation system does not produce heat, so the plants take longer to oxidize. This also allows a longer duration of the green juice, being able to refrigerate it up to 48 hours without losing any of its properties.

Regarding the disadvantages, the price is significantly higher than that of extractors by centrifugation. In spite of this, they suppose a saving in the long run, since the use of these juicers provide a greater quantity of green juice.

They require more time in the preparation of juices, because the speed of the appliance is slower. In addition, the fruits must be previously cut to be able to introduce them in the extractor.

Extractor by crushing

This is undoubtedly the preferred choice of juice fans. Well to get juice uses a two-axis system that instead of squeezing, crushing and then makes a pressing. Consequently, they obtain a greater proportion of liquid from fruits and green vegetables, with all their properties.

In the same way, they produce juices with a higher amount of nutrients. In this sense, a juice of great quality and flavor is achieved, with duration of up to 72 hours if refrigerated. Another benefit of the use of these juicers for greens, is the possibility of making milk from green vegetables and nuts; without a doubt, something more than a simple juicer.

Other factors to consider when choosing a juicer for juices

Once the desired juicer type has been chosen, attention must be paid to other factors. In the first place the noise is found, although as it has already been indicated this depends fundamentally on the type of juicer that is acquired.

Also, the size of the jar is another aspect that should be fixed. For example, large families will require larger capacity jars. With respect to the power, in general a juicer between 50 and 100 watts will suffice. Finally, it is essential to look at the cleaning mechanism. Well, be sure to choose one whose design facilitates this task.

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