How To Make Fruit Slushies In Just 5 Minutes?

How To Make Fruit Slushies In Just 5 Minutes?

As the summer arrives, it becomes hard for everyone to keep themselves hydrated. The summer with hot breeze brings dehydration to human beings. Staying hydrated and refresh is always the first concern of every person. But many times you can’t get relief from the sticky sweats and hot temperatures. Your internal body temperature also gets high making you more down. To get instant relief all you need is to make fruit slushies.

Fruits are one of those blessings that always keep you away from getting affected by weather conditions. The combination of fruits and flavours enhance the taste and energy making you more active. Hence that’s how people love to visit juice shops to Drinking fruit slushies. But in the hectic schedules people always need a quick service. A juice shop not only needs a commercial juice dispenser to prepare the fruit slushies in the quickest manner. But you also need to go with the best method to prepare fruit slushies in no time. Here this blog, help you with the best procedure that will only take 5 minutes.

Select Ingredients Wisely

Selecting ingredients is the first step you need to take. Firstly, go for the quality fruits so that it could enhance the taste of your slushies. The top ingredients you will be needed to make fruit slushies are as follows

  • 1 cup ice or more than that depending on the fruit you choose
  • 2 cup chopped fresh fruit or you can use fresh extracts
  • ¼ cup sparkling water
  • Extra spices, herbs or other ingredients that could add a delicious flavour.

Equipment You Need to Use

Whether you sell juices or need to make fruit slushies for yourself, without equipment you can’t do anything. When it comes to choosing equipment many people think that juice dispenser is the only equipment they need. But there is more than one equipment you need in order to make fruit slushies within less time. The equipment you need to use are as follows

  • High-powered blenders
  • Knife
  • Measuring Cup

Method to Follow

To make fruit slushies it is essential to wash your equipment & utensils thoroughly. This will help you to maintain hygiene at your restaurant or home. Make sure to wash the fruit before chopping. Never purchase the chopped fruits that could not provide the full nutrition’s. Always chopped the fruit yourself to get maximum nutrition. The instruction you need to follow are

  • Measure Fruit: Once you get over with washing the fruit, measure it to get the exact amount of chopped fruit you needed.
  • Combine Ingredients in A Blender: Take one cup of ice and sparkling water and combine them with chopped fruit in a blender. Add flavouring extras like mint, flavour extracts, mint or lemon juice.
  • Blend till It Gets Slushy: Blend the fruits and all the combinations on high speed till you find slushy. Stop whenever you think you need more slushy consistency and add more ice or fruit extract. Once you added, you will need to continue to the process of blending until it gets slushy.

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