How to Organise Corporate Catering Services for Your Next Meeting

How to Organise Corporate Catering Services for Your Next Meeting

Everyone who has ever organised for catering services for a corporate meeting knows how difficult it can be to please each and every member of the team. This absolute need to suit the diversity of people and their taste makes corporate event catering a stressful process. While some members might prefer food with high protein levels, others may favour healthy salads and other alternatives. Therefore, to please each palette in the room would require a lot of planning and consideration.

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Hiring a Professional Corporate Caterer

If you have been assigned the task of managing food and beverages for your next lunch meeting, you should consider hiring professionals to do this task. There are various Melbourne corporate catering companies that have knowledgeable and experienced professionals on board. This will take the load of managing the menu off your shoulders and put it in the hands of people who are actually experts in designing a well-favoured menu.

If you need help in getting started with corporate catering, this guide will help you organise a killer one for your next meeting.

Start from the Beginning

The best approach to organising a great corporate event catering is to start from the very beginning. That is, you must understand the purpose of the meeting, the number of people who will attend it, and whether you need a full meal or light snacks. These answers will help you move forward with the catering process.

Analyse the Meeting Space

Evaluating the space where the meeting will be held can prove useful in giving you an idea of how to position the food items. For example, if the meeting is going to be held in a large conference hall, a full-fledged food catering company can be considered. However, if the meeting will take place in a small room, then back-room catering is the best choice.

Creating the Menu

It is of great importance to make a diverse yet limited menu. The process of deciding the menu items is very important because a lot of consideration needs to be given. For example, food must be suitable to be consumed according to the time of the day. You can also get creative with new themes and cuisines to make it look interesting.

Apart from this, you also need to consider whether the food you are serving is appropriately reflecting your brand or not. For example, if you are a creative advertising agency, you can go for a variety of local cuisines while a high-end law agency can opt for a continental or international spread.

Consider the “Problem Groups”

Before organising the menu, you must account for people who have food allergies, picky eating habits, etc. When you do a quick revision of such people in the list, you can select the menu items accordingly to suit all kinds of preferences and tastes.

Keep it Balanced

One of the most important points while managing a corporate catering is to keep the spread balanced while keeping the ratios of starters, main course, and desserts an appropriate amount.

Melbourne corporate catering companies ensure that the food requirements of your next meeting are managed professionally!

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