What is The Difference Between Conventional and Organic Foods?

What is The Difference Between Conventional and Organic Foods?

A lot of people get confused regarding conventional and organic foods. They can’t find out which food they should prefer. For some people, conventional food is healthier and for others, organic foods are better. Nowadays a lot of organic food stores in Hyderabad have opened. What is the reason behind that? People should bring their regular foods from organic food suppliers in Hyderabad or from other vendors. Because of all these confusions, we, Vibrant Living, one of the top natural and organic products stores represent you some basic differences between conventional and organic foods, so that you can clear out your confusions. It is also an online organic food store from where we provide organic food online delivery to the doorstep of you.

And it is conducted by Sridevi Jasti, the best nutritionist in Hyderabad.


Organic foods

Organic foods are basically agricultural products which are processed without the use of any fertilizers, livestock feeds, growth regulators, additives, pesticides, bioengineered genes (GMOs). As one of the famous organic stores in Hyderabad, Vibrant Living brings the foods which are produced by organic farming, which is controlled by regulations. The fundamental concept of organic farming is to grow foods without any usage of synthetic materials or genetically transformed crops.

Conventional foods

Conventional farming is just the reverse of organic farming, where the farmers utilize chemical fertilizers to increase the growth of plants. These types of foods are made using chemical herbicides, pesticides. In animal rearing process, conventional farmers use antibiotics and a special type of growth hormones to enhance the growth and well being of the animals.

  • From earlier discussions, we come to know about conventional food farming, in which the farmers use chemicals at the production time and processing of farm produce. These chemical products have a very dangerous effect on the environment and on the health of the human. The conventional foods are grown using pesticides, antibiotics, growth hormones and any other kind of chemicals. Maybe there are no records of anyone falling ill because of consuming conventional foods, but from several research, it is found that consuming conventional foods is the primary reason for coming under so many health hazards. So, order organic food online Hyderabad and get chemical free nutritious foods. Take advantage of our natural products online store.
  • In the case of animal farming, the conventional farmers administer growth hormones, another type of medications, antibiotics to the animals to enhance the growth and for prevention of disease. Organic farmers allow the animals to roam around the area and feed freely on only organic foods and ensure that the animals are getting a balanced diet. We take care of the cleanliness of their house to avoid diseases.
  • To eliminate the outbreak of pests, conventional farming, farmers use pesticides, while organic farmers rely on birds or insects to get rid of the pest.
  • To control weeds, conventional farmers use chemical herbicides, while organic farmers utilize crop rotation process, mulches or hand weeds.

Because of all these techniques, now Vibrant Living is considered as the best organic stores In Hyderabad.

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