Recipes of India {6 Awesome}

Recipes of India {6 Awesome}

Recipes of India

India is the hub of multicultural elements, where different types of people live their life based on their different cultural variations.

Friends, we can easily recognize these people based on their culture and different types of activities; such as their dresses, language, tradition, and food.

Here food is one of the most significant elements to recognize people, through which we can easily understand a person, from where he/she belongs to.

Isn’t it true?

Friends, this post is going to be quite interesting for us because here I will be sharing with you 7 most famous food recipes from different cultures of India.

So are you interested in it?

Let’s go for it.

Some Famous Recipes of India


Pitha is a type of Assamese food, especially famous in Assam state and some parts of West Bengal. It has several verities.

They are Tel Pitha, Til Pitha, Hutuli Pitha, Narikol Pitha, Sungat Dia and Nangol Dhua Pitha, etc.

Generally, this food is made with rice flour but with the impact of modernity sometimes Maida and Wheat flour’s are also used in it.

On the internet, there are a lot of articles available on Assamese Pitha recipe, if you want to make some Pitha for yourself your family then you can read it.

 Gajar ka halwa

2.Gajar Ka Halwa

Gajar ka Halwa is actually a sweet dessert, made with mashed red carrots, milk, water, ghee, and sugar.

Here Gajar is a Hindi word, which means carrots.

Have you tasted this dessert before?

This is so amazing. Try it once.

There is no specific place decided till the date on the origin of Gajar Ka Halwa.

But According to some internet sources like Wikipedia, this was very first originated in some places India and Pakistan.

Therefore people from India and Pakistan highly eat Gajar Ka Halwa on some of their special occasions.


Rosogulla is a Bengali food, which is made with a mixture of Milk and sugar.

[However, to make it citric acid is one of the most significant element. So don’t forget this]

Once there was controversy on Rosogulla that where it was very first originated?

People of Odisha demand that it was their own creation and on the other hand people of Bengal demand that it was their own creation.

But finally, the controversy ends up, with a final decision that Rosogulla is a part of Bengali culture because it was originated in West Bengal before almost two hundred century.

Recipes of India - Dhokla


Dhokla is a type of breakfast food, which is a part of Gujarati culture. Generally, fermented rice batter is the basic need to prepare this dish.

However other ingredients are also necessary.

Here are the lists of other ingredients to make Dhokla – Beson, Lemon Juice, Water, Yogurt, Green pepper, Turmeric, Coriander leaves, oil, Salt, Hinge, and Sugar, etc.

As well as Dhokla is a tasty food this is also one of the healthiest foods of Gujarati recipes.

So try it one. I am sure Dhokla will make you happy.

5. Idly

Idly is look like the full moon. This is actually a Rice Cake. Made with rice flour, sugar, milk, butter, and if want then we can use some mashed coconut to it.

This is a breakfast food, introduced in south Indian region and Sri Lanka before the 17th century.

litti Chowka

6.Litti Chowkha

Litti and Chowkha both are the two different food names but eaten both together. This food is a part of Bihari culture, especially famous among the people of Jharkhand, Bihar, Patna and Utter Pradesh.

Necessary Ingredients: Wheat flour, black gram flour, and Brinjal.


Actually, foods are those parts of a society, where we can smell the spirit and taste the beauty of a particular culture.

I hope you liked the post. If you think this remained helpful for you then please let me know about it.

Your comment is our spirit.

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