Tea Brand Use Eco-Friendly Packaging

Tea Brand Use Eco-Friendly Packaging

What Tea Brand Use Eco-Friendly Packaging?

In the last couple of years, the terms like eco-friendly and going green have turned out to be quite popular. You might have heard these words on different TV commercials and radio programs. The word “eco-friendly” is utilized for some products.

When you are going to understand its real meaning, then you can implement the practices that will guide you to healthy living for the world, and it’s residential whether big or small.

The meaning of the word “eco-friendly” means earth-friendly. In other words, it means that “not harmful to the environment.” If we say that the product is eco-friendly that it simply means it is not harmful to our environment. It refers to the items that contribute to a green lifestyle that can help in conserving the natural resources like water.

The products which are eco-friendly prevent the contributions to the land pollution, air pollution as well as water pollution. You can easily attempt the eco-friendly habits by just being more concerned about your environment.

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What Tea Brand Use Eco-Friendly Packaging?

With the growing popularity of ecological products, the product manufacturers have started using the eco-friendly packaging. There are many brands like the tea brands that are making use of the eco-friendly packaging. At the moment, we are going to tell you the names of these tea brands, have a look:

  1. Delilah

This tea brand is making use of such ecological packaging which is inspired by the chalkboard. It gives a natural and individual feel. The tea packaging utilized the same screen printed speech bubble box with the logo of Delilah like the Delilah is an individual speaking.

  1. Lipton Tea Packaging

Lipton Yellow Label tea bags are redesigned uniquely. The teabags are turning into a 4-in-1 solution for the tea drinking lovers. The teabag coaster will keep the tea well-blended while keeping the clean environment.
In addition, after drying up the used teabags, by just adding scented oil into the teabags, you can put them into your wardrobes and cupboards for good smell. In this way, the insects will also not come into your wardrobes and cupboards. On the other hand, the external packaging of the Lipton Yellow Label tea features a small graphical representation with the clear and understandable instructions onto the back of the packaging to facilitate the new possibilities accessible to the tea drinking fans.

  1. Mint Green Tea Packaging – Awaken

This tea brand makes use of such packaging in which the tea bags are placed in their particular places. The containers of loose leaf tea and fresh mint are used as an awesome ecological option.

  1. Delightful

ea brand is becoming popular with the passage of time in Holland due to its ecological packaging. There are many tea shops and restaurants that are making a tea of this brand. The teabags have two pockets. One pocket of the teabag contains fragrant herbs, and in the other pocket, tea is present.

Source: Delightful Tea Packaging

  1. Tea Traditions

This tea brand is making use of the ecological bundling design. The graphics are intended to look like those seen on the old tea tins. On the other hand, the bundling itself has been made up from recycled brown paper. There is also a small amount of ink used on the bundling with only one shade representing each flavor of the tea.

  1. Tea Hugger

The bundling of the fabricated natural tea company known as Tea Hugger is made up from 100 percent recycled paper. It is held all together by the tabs so that no glue or adhesive required to be utilized in the making of this bundling.

  1. Green Leaf | Green Life

The name, logo, and printing on this tea packaging have been entirely done with natural items. There are no chemicals used on it. Due to this reason, many ecological supporters and tea drinkers are using a tea of this brand.

  1. Rishi Tea

Rishi Tea is one of the leading natural tea providers. They have started using the eco-friendly packaging which is transforming from a labeled tin to the sealed bag and box. The sealed bag is printed with non-chemical compounds. On the other hand, the bi-lingual box has been designed without any compounds.

They have chosen sealed bags and boxes instead of tins so that the tea quality remains high. Also, they have to spend a small price on the packaging, storing and transit. The bags and boxes are sealed properly so that air does not get into them and the tea remains fresh and healthy.

  1. Twining’s Tea Packaging

At the start of 1707, Twinning’s Tea brand established in London. It is recognized as the top-quality tea brand. From the beginning, this company is making use of cardboard boxes. Cardboard is quite an ecological material, and it keeps the freshness of the tea for a long time.
With time, the company has started using recycled cardboard more to grab the attention of the consumers more. Their eco-friendly packaging is loved and cherished by all.

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