The Advantages Of Microdosing Of Magic Mushrooms

The Advantages Of Microdosing Of Magic Mushrooms

There is a popular botany trend that makes everyone curious: mushrooms! Magic or psychedelic mushrooms have received a lot of attention recently because of their availability, safety, and a lot of new research on the many psychological and emotional health benefits they provide. Although magic mushrooms have been used for spiritual and entertainment purposes for decades (probably longer!), the concept of microdosing, although not new, has become very popular recently.

What Does Microdosing Mean?

Micro-dose is exactly what it sounds like: taking micro-dose or small dose, usually when taking psychedelic drugs, should not cause poisoning or significantly change consciousness, that is, it is not enough. Get high, but it just feels a little different from thinking!

Psilocybin is a psychoactive compound found in magic mushrooms. Its micro-dose varies from person to person. Although most people think it is less than 300 mg, most people take 50 to 150 mg, which is a hallucinogenic dose. Usually 1 to 3 grams. for most people. Again, the dosage will vary. Whether you are administering a small amount or trying to get a higher dose, our best advice is to always start small, take your time, and accumulate gradually.

The micro-dose allows you to make the most of the magic mushroom without having to get up, stumble or disturb your day. You may be wondering, what is the point of using hallucinogens if you don’t trip over? Well, in addition to psychoactive, small doses of magic mushrooms canada have many health benefits!

5 Benefits Of Microdosing

1. Increase Creativity

Studies have shown that micro-dose magic mushrooms can improve creativity in some ways. They not only make you more creative in the classic sense, increase imagination and motivation for work, but also improve problem-solving ability and increase openness. Creativity is no longer just an artist’s patent. Developing creativity is of great benefit to all of us, especially in terms of work and our private lives.

2.  Improves Mood

The most common benefit of micro-dose is to enhance mood, which includes many positive changes, including happiness, happiness, peace, calm, appreciation of life, optimism, stronger spiritual connection, and a greater sense of connection with emotions. Micro doses lead to a happier and more forgiving mindset.

3. Improve Focus

We know this may seem counterintuitive, a hallucinogenic drug for better concentration? But we are serious! Those who microdose regularly report that they can concentrate better and are more engaged in the tasks they are doing. Many use microdoses to improve academic performance and increase their productivity at work.

4. Spiritual Connection

Psychedelic drugs are often used to improve and explore spirituality, and micro-dose is a good gentle way. Micro-dosing allows users to keep an open mind when exploring themselves and their beliefs. Many people call this spiritual awakening self-liberation, or rather, liberation from the limitations of our consciousness and limiting beliefs. It encourages self-reflection and exploration. Another way to improve your spiritual connection is to incorporate micro-dose into your meditation or worship practice.

5. Improves Energy

Although energy may increase during the microdosing period, it will continue afterward. Those who take micro-dose regularly report feeling more alert and refreshed. It may be this alertness that improves concentration, but in this busy world, it is good to know that there are natural effects. Increase the chance of energy.

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