The Latest In Vaping

The Latest In Vaping

Improvements in technology permeate every aspect of our lives, with better products hitting the market every day. The vaping industry is no different. It’s a tech world, we’re just vaping in it. Vaping technology and trends have proven to be incredibly dynamic over the past few years. We at Kingdom Vapor are vaping enthusiasts ourselves, so it’s important for us to stay as on top of these industry updates as possible.


Since 2012, we have offered premium merchandise to vape and tobacco shops. We want to succeed in helping you succeed! Vaping popularity continues to rise quickly. Apparently the secret is out about how awesome vaping is! And as this industry grows, it is becoming all the more competitive. To make sure your company stands out above the rest, you want to have the best and latest products. That’s where we have you covered. We can provide you with the highest quality Wholesale Vape Supplies available!

Voice Control

If you like to make things easier (and interesting), Kingdom Vapor has the first ever voice controlled vape mod: the iJoy Avenger 270. This vape mod features a voice control function that allows you to control the wattage adjustment, lock and unlock the vaporizer, control the mod’s LED panels (which tune in to your voice and/or music to display a light show), and to put the device to sleep. With concise commands, your voice can control the vape so that you don’t have to use your hands and go through menus in order to change color and mode options.

Flavor Variety

Variety is the spice of life, or so they say, and who are we to argue? Here at Kingdom Vapor, we enjoy a multitude of different robust, complex, and pleasant flavors; when it comes to taste, to each their own. Our wide selection of e-juices and e-liquids can help you select the right options for your client-base, with a variety of tasty, unique flavors to choose from. Vaping connoisseurs are always looking for the newest flavors, and we stay up-to-date with the latest developments.

The Golden Rule Applies

Part of our mission is to treat you the way we would want to be treated. To that end, we sell only the highest quality products. Our entire inventory is thoroughly tested by our own knowledgeable staff, and we assure you that we employ only the most dedicated and avid vapers. Vaping isn’t just a hobby or recreation to us, it’s our passion. We can guarantee that you’re getting the most premium wholesale vape supplies on the market. We’re also cool with providing you with whatever you need, regardless of how large or small your order is; we don’t do the whole minimum order quantities (MOQ) thing. We don’t like having to meet a minimum when ordering Chinese food, so we get it! Your business is, well, your business, so who are we to tell you how much to order?

Contact Us

We are here to offer you the best of the best in wholesale vape supplies to take your business to the next level. Please check out our positive reviews and contact us at 1(814) 297-8240 or email us at with any questions you might have. We can’t wait to hear from you!

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