Things To Know For Weed Beginners Before Getting Stoned

Things To Know For Weed Beginners Before Getting Stoned

The marijuana industry is booming due to its medicinal significance. Some recent studies reveal that cannabis that was believed to be more consumed by teens and the young generation is now highly accepted by the adults daily.

Marijuana legalization in more than 23 states has led to drastic growth in the number of consumers. Earlier getting stoned was considered taboo. Now it can be availed just like any random essential product, but with a clause to be consumed for medicinal and recreational purposes.

When we say marijuana use for recreational and medical purposes, every strain is grown with different THC levels. And this makes picking the right weed more confusing and uncertain about its type. For those who fall under the weed beginner’s category, we will try to clarify where to start from.

You can buy marijuana strains online that come with fancy stereotype names which derived from their effects and flavors.

Firstly, let’s learn about the basics of cannabis,

Cannabis Terms You Should know


It is a tall plant with a stiff, straight stem, serrated divided leaves, and glandular hairs. It is used to produce hemp fiber and to be taken or smoked as a psychotropic drug in extract form.


This is ideally a preparation of dried leaves and female flowers extracted from the hemp plant. This form is majorly used as psychotropic and inflammatory drug.


It is a chemical compound that is an active ingredient in marijuana. This compound is naturally present in animals, plants, and humans. However, in marijuana alone, there are at least 85 known cannabinoids, the best known being THC (the psychoactive compound), which we adore, and CBD the non-psychoactive compound that makes weed a medicinal drug for epilepsy treatment in children.

There are also some standard terms such as Indica, Sativa, and hybrid that are often displayed when you enter dispensaries. These all three people-defined marijuana types are bifurcated based on their effects on the user. Indica helps in relaxation; Sativa gives more energized and uplifting effects, while hybrid, in its name, signifies the combinational effect of both Sativa and Indica.

Further, the hybrid is classified into Indica dominant, Even, Sativa dominant.

Indica dominant is majorly used for daytime pain treatment.

Even strains offer a balance between body and cerebral relaxing high.

Sativa dominant gives uplifting and energetic sensation, restores creativity, and focus.

How To Select high-quality Weed?

Picking the right flower is essential right at the start. Below are some parameters you can self-analyze before making a choice.

To find a strain that best suits your taste, look for feel, aroma, structure, and texture.

Texture And Look

High-quality weed has some visual clues that explain their quality. While all good marijuana must be visually tempting, a refined variety can easily display a variety of vibrant colors. Good quality flowers are usually dark green or lime green with orange or red hair. They are also available in bright blue to dark purple express colors. However, if it appears in brown shades, do not go with it.


Cannabis’ grown and processed to the highest standards generally has a pungent and pleasant smell. Flowers with a strong fragrance are commonly called a moist or intense fragrance, which indicates the overall quality of the flower. There are different terms for the types of scents emitted by high quality marijuana, including skunky, piney, and diesely.

Feel And Structure

The flower on the top shelf should be somewhat spongy and sticky if you squeeze it gently between your fingers. The stems should come off, and the shoots should be relatively easy to separate, but they should not be completely dry or disintegrated when you touch them.

Flowers sensitive to Sativa, cultivated and dried with skill, tend to be light and soft in shape and composition. In contrast, Indica flowers tend to be more rigid and dense in the flower structure, although the structure and the experience are generally not related.

Different Ways To Get Stoned

Marijuana is consumed in different ways. The most common method, along with the easiest self-dose, is to smoke. You can smoke marijuana in a joint, pipe, or bong. Measures should be taken to reduce lung damage and breathing problems, such as exhaling instantly, smoking pot with high THC, and using water pipe is an ideal way. Moreover, edibles and tinctures are other ways to consume marijuana and vaporizers as an alternative to smoking.

How To Get Cannabis?

To get legal marijuana in the United States, you can look for a recreational marijuana dispensary in one of the four states that have legalized marijuana. A marijuana dispensary is similar to a pharmacy store but full of marijuana doses in different forms. There are also eCommerce sites that offer online cannabis delivery in Toronto. However, there is an age restriction to make the purchase; you must be 21 or older and have a valid age proof.

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