Tips for running a successful online food ordering business

Tips for running a successful online food ordering business

The online food ordering system is gaining popularity with great pace. It is the most convenient trendy way to increase your sales. The industry is gaining momentum and has become an integral part of the restaurant business. Just registering your restaurant on online delivery portals is not enough you have to outline your restaurants using trendy marketing techniques to outshine in the crowd.

Gone are those days when discounts and offers used to attract customers. With the increasing competition following the old marketing techniques will easily sink your ship in the sea.

To run a successful on-demand food delivery app it is advised to follow the following trendy marketing techniques:


Social Media Marketing

Social media plays a very vital role in advertising of any business plan. The biggest and the latest trend of launching an On-demand food ordering app solution facilitate customers to get food delivered at their doorsteps in no time and to promote your business to outstand in this crowd is the biggest challenge. Social media marketing is a perfect marketing solution for such businesses. Tweets, Instagram and Facebook posts advocating about your online food ordering facility with an active link to your website and reaching out the target audience by using food pages and groups on social media are some of the social media marketing strategies that will promote your business online.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is one of the strongest ways to communicate with consumers. Promotional emails with a call-to-action and other informative content work miraculously. Despite exclusive offers, focus on targeted marketing by making maximum utilisation of the CRM database. Send customised emails and add exclusive consumer-centric discounts.

Update regularly

If you are planning to create Restaurant Food Order website then you must be aware that just creating a website or app is not enough one must regularly update menu, order timings and offers according to holidays and festivals.

Collaborate with the Online Ordering Portals

Advertising your On-demand eCommerce Solution for Restaurants with the online food delivery portal will help you reach your target with ease. Customised marketing according to location and religions may definitely help them to advertise their restaurant online portal.

2.Updated technology:

Use of updated technology to leverage the growth rate of your food orders is advised by many marketing experts. To increase the volume of sales it is mandatory to stay updated with the latest technology and trends.

Use apps

There are many restaurants that prefer on-demand food ordering app solution for their online presence. Focus on developing an app that automatically processes orders accepted from other Online Ordering platforms and avoid extra manual effort. Despite this partnering with food delivering apps like Zomato and swiggy automatically makes you discoverable and improves your online presence.

Have a Mobile Optimized Website

Make sure that you have an updated website portal and are easily discoverable in Google search results. Mouthwatering images, Clear videos and impressive menu are few mandatory steps that must be followed regularly. It is believed that more than 70% of food orders are placed by using mobile phones. Thus, make sure that your website is mobile optimized for a smooth Online Ordering experience.

3.Timely service:

Attracting new customers towards your food portal is definitely a challenging task but maintaining that relationship and nurturing is more difficult than that. Customer will get back to you only when he is convinced with the quantity and quality of food. Packaging must be attractive and appealing. Few factors that may help in building a long-term relationship with your consumer are.

Maintain Timely Delivery

Nothing is more disappointing than delayed food delivery. Timely delivery is one of the major factors that may affect your goodwill. The owner must personally monitor the timely delivery of the food. The late delivery will not only upset your customer but will also adversely affect the quality of food. Assign orders to your delivery boy based on their availability and location. Track the average time taken to deliver an order and maintain the same. Keep your customers updated about the delivery status by using SMS or telephonic conversation.

Correct Packaging

You eat with your eyes first. Packaging plays the most imperative part of a food delivery business. If you don’t want to lose out on repeat customers then one must be careful about the packaging of food. Once the food is ready, make sure that your food is packed in proper containers and necessary utensils or condiments are provided along with them. Your packaging must be appealing.

Quality of food

Quality is the only thing that will make you a king of this industry. No matter how attractive your packaging is for repeat orders one must only rely on the quality of food. Equipping delivery boy with all the necessities such as a hot case to keep hot foods warm, dry ice and proper containers for delivering ice-cream and cold drinks is necessary to maintain the quality.

Despite just implementing these tips and tricks one must keep track of the number of Online Orders that you receive in a day and the sources from where you receive them. Set up the Google Analytics for your website and keep track of the number of daily, monthly visits.

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