Top 5 Food Storing Mistakes That Can Cost You Money

Top 5 Food Storing Mistakes That Can Cost You Money

To some of you, the storing methods for fridges might sound easy but it takes a lot of work and dedication for timely storage. You might be storing the food items incorrectly and not even knowing it. For that, we have gathered all the possible mistakes people make and the solutions for those mistakes that can put you at ease.

Placing the wrong items in the fridge

You have to place the correct food items into the fridge, as not every produce is meant to be refrigerated. Now that you have bought a quality Elstar fridge and you have just begun storing the food items, you should know a few things. Not every produce can be placed inside of a fridge. The items include citrus fruits, onions, and even melons. The taste and the overall texture of the fruit and food items are spoiled and that in turn, spoils other items as well.

Do not refrigerate bread

The go-to storage strategy of almost every person is to store bread by refrigerating it but that is a wrong move. Baked goods tend to become soggy and damp since baked items cannot endure the cold temperature usually. Freezing bread or bakery food is a good idea but for that, first, slice the bread into pieces and then store it accordingly inside the fridge.

Damp and wet food before storing

Washing fresh produce such as fruits and vegetables is a good move for hygiene and sanitation but it could result wrongfully too. You might be washing the items to clean them from any residue of dirt and pesticide and that is how it should be but there is a proper method for it. Wash the produce and then clean it correctly. Do not store it when it is still damp since it is going to create molds, slime, and ruin the other food-related items kept in a fridge.

Decant canned items into containers

While you must be wondering, why there is a need for it but a logical explanation exists for this notion. Decant is the procedure of taking out the food items from canned and placing them into new and clean containers. The containers either could be made of glass or plastic as the storage technique matters the most. If you have opened a can of canned meat and you want to store it as it is, do not ever do it. The can is made of metal and that can put your health at great risk so better avoid it by taking the food out of the can.

Place herbs and greens in drawers

Herbs might become damp inside the fridge and if it is covered in moisture, it is going to ruin the quality of the herb. The best tactic is to place the herbs in a water glass and then store it. Another option you can do is to take a clean plastic bag, place the herbs and then refrigerate it as that way the chances of spoiling becomes low.


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