10 Trendy And Delicious Finger Foods For Your Special Day!

10 Trendy And Delicious Finger Foods For Your Special Day!

Everything is already said about how great the Indian food that is served at the wedding is. But, do you know that there’s a whole new world to explore with some great options when it comes to selecting just the finger foods that you can welcome your guests with? These bite-sized delicacies are convenient enough to be served anytime during the wedding or other ceremonies that go along.

It’ll be a great idea to hire one of the best wedding caterers in delhi to serve food at your wedding. Down here we have mentioned some lip-smacking finger food that is essential for any wedding menu.

Saucy Nachos

Who doesn’t have a knack for Mexican food? We all know the answer, and the favourite Mexican finger food is Nachos. This spicy and crispy snack paired with salsa or mayonnaise can be the best combination ever. And if served with some veggies, this can taste amazingly good. So, this can be a good option for finger food serving as well.


This Middle Eastern cuisine is a grilled meat dish and has many variants. A kebab is either made from cut-up meat pieces or grounded meat. In some places, the seafood is also used instead of the usual meat. The pieces are cooked on a skewer accompanied by slices of fruits and vegetables on an open flame or a grill. There are also some vegetarian options where the meat can be replaced by pieces of paneer and potatoes.

Small Tarts

Just a thought of the small fruity tarts is enough to make a person’s mouth water. These delicious desserts will be a great addition to the elaborate Indian wedding menu and will be appetizing for the guests. Thes small baked delicacies have a crisp pastry base that can be filled in with a lot of toppings. The different toppings from which you can choose from – assorted sliced fruits, fruit jam, custard, and chocolate.

Tiny Pizza Slices

Who doesn’t like relishing the most delicious junk food? Pizza is everybody’s going to food and irresistibly delicious. The best part about pizza is the variety of toppings and types you can bake it in. But serving big slices of pizza would not only be a messy task to execute but also cost a lot of time and money. So, we have an easy solution! Why not serve tiny pizza slices to avoid all the above issues?

Cake Pops

The wedding cake is a thing but satisfaction is a bigger thing which nobody can run from. Even if though you serve the cake once, there are always a few people who would request for some more. For this very problem, we have a solution. Why not serve some easy to make, and tasty to eat dessert to the guests? You guessed it right, we are talking about the traditional cake pops. Cake pops can be served with a customized topping according to a variety of flavours.

Mini Cheeseburgers

All the finger foods are about stuffing your guests with the delicious junk food. What comes to your mind when you think of cheese dripping out from everywhere as soon as you hold the dish? Yep, it’s a cheeseburger!!! All the usual cheeseburgers are really big so what you can do is include a miniature version of it with a cute little patty inside. Trust me, it’ll be a lot less messy to eat and easier to serve.

Salad In Skewer

Serving that salad in the small bowls is too old-school now. It’ll be a great idea to give that boring salad a makeover. It is quite simple actually, as you just have to take some barbeque skewers and then put the colourful slices of salad in it. You can even go a step further and top it off with lots of mayonnaise to add to the charm.

Deviled Eggs

These cute little finger foods are a great option to serve at the wedding the hard-cooked eggs topped with a mashed yolk that is mixed with mayonnaise, pepper, and salt. Deviled eggs are ingenious and are the easiest appetizer to make and serve at a wedding.

Cinnamon Rolls

These crisp and delicious swirls will be a great addition to the dessert counter at your wedding. The baked brown desserts are then drenched served with a vanilla icing or salted caramel. Drizzling these with the cream cheese icing will be another great option.

Spring Rolls

Any list of finger foods is incomplete without at least one Chinese cuisine. This starter snack is the best option that can be served to the guests as a welcome dish. The wraps filled in with the fried cabbage are moderately spicy and will serve as a great starter.

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