Understanding What to Look for in Balloon Bag Vaporizers

Understanding What to Look for in Balloon Bag Vaporizers

Making the decision to add balloon bag vaporizers to your repertoire of vaping kits is one of the most exciting and promising choices a vaping enthusiast can make. With hundreds of models and nearly limitless combinations of accessories, balloon bag vapes can help to take your vaping hobby to the next level in both flavor and sensation. Unlike other types of vape kits, balloon bag vapes allow you to enjoy both warm and cool vapor, which massively expands the different vaping experiences you can enjoy.

To help you make the right choice in product for you, we’ve created this simple guide. Keep reading to find out what types of features, specs, and accessories you should watch for when you buy balloon bag vaporizers!

1.Know the Greats

The best brands making balloon bag vaporizers are not necessarily the same brands making the best handheld or pocket vapes. There are a handful of fantastic manufacturers who truly lead the industry in terms of innovation and product quality. While models created by these companies are not always the right choice for everyone, they can help you get a good idea of what the absolute best models look like and offer in terms of features. You can then intercompare models and makers in order to determine if a newer name on the scene is bringing something new or more affordable.

2.Determine Your Capacity Needs

Balloon bags and balloon bag vaporizers come in a number of varied sizes and shapes, some designed for personal use, others designed for group use. Choose a balloon bag with a large bag and interchangeable mouthpieces. Will you be vaping alone to relax in your study or living room? Choose a lower-profile, lower capacity piece so you avoid wasting juice.

3.Determine Portability Needs

While most people prefer to keep their balloon bag kits set up at home, some customers travel frequently or desire to bring their larger models to parties. If you’re the type who’s always on the go, consider choosing a more streamlined and lightweight model, which will be easy to place in a bag and bring with you wherever your travels take you.

4.Pick from Herb, Wax, or Liquid

Believe it or not, many vaporizers are not compatible with multiple fuel types, which means that you’ll need to decide in advance what types of vape base you’ll be using. Some dry herb and wax concentrate machines are compatible with one another, but most are not also compatible with liquid. Likewise for the reverse.

This specific feature set is going to boil down to preference. Look for a liquid model if you prefer fruity, exotic, or quirky flavor mixes. Choose a wax or dry herb model if you prefer herbal flavors and sensations. If you’re completely new to the hobby and are looking at balloon bag vapes as your first model, make sure you take the time to try out each style before you buy. The vaping community is very friendly, and you can often find communities in which you can sample various models and vape bases before you make the decision to buy one for you.


Finally and most simply, make sure your balloon bag vape properly matches your aesthetic. You’ll likely have it out on the table or desktop frequently, so you want to make sure you get one that matches your personal style. A neon-green vape kit for a quiet and comfy den is unlikely to mesh well. While this seems like a minor decision to make, you’ll likely have your vaporizer for years and years, so you want something that looks nice in addition to performing well.

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