6 Top Features That Come with a Unique Food Delivery Service App Sydney

6 Top Features That Come with a Unique Food Delivery Service App Sydney

No more you need to prepare food after a hectic schedule or visit the local market if you have nothing to prepare in your kitchen. E-mycook gives you a break from your kitchen by allowing you to order your favourite foods from your neighbouring cooks. This unique app will deliver foods to your doorstep and let you enjoy it from your comfort zone.

Besides, a food delivery service app Sydney like E-mycook comes with some top features. Here, we have listed a few for you –

Easy profile creation as a customer

Before you order your favourite food, you need to create a profile as a customer. Being a unique food app, E-mycook always focuses on offering a hassle-free experience to its customers. And for this, anyone, who wants to order food can create a profile, and the process is as simple as ABC. All that you have to do is to log in with your email id or phone number and a strong password, and then provide useful information. And your profile is created. You can change the information that you have provided with the edit feature. All your information are completely secured with the app.

Plethora of food choices

Do you love to enjoy foods that have their origin in different parts of the world?  You are a true foodie. So, the same kinds of foods can’t please you; rather you prefer to savour different types of foods. Well, E-mycook is there to fulfil your wish with abundant food choices. Whether you want to have Indian, Thai, Japanese, Australian foods or something else, you can order all kinds of foods from E-mycook. You can go through the list of cuisines offered by the app, as well as the home-based cooks and place your order for the ones that you love the most.


Another great feature that the app offers! Whether you want to order foods for your family members from the comfort of your home or an easy meal while preparing the presentation in the office, the geo-localise feature of the app will allow you to find out your neighbouring cooks and place your food orders to them. Enable the location from your mobile device and see the cooks who are available in your area. Check each of them and finally opt for the one who can meet your requirements easily.

Food modification

Do you know, most of us prefer a different version of the same food? While you prefer extra salt in your foods, your sister may like to have extra chili, and your brother loves less spicy foods. Besides, you can have an allergy to some ingredients or may want to omit some of   the things as you don’t like it. E-mycook allows you to get the exact food that you are looking for. How? Well, this app offers a chat option to the customers. With this, you can let the cook know your preferences before they start preparing the food. Besides, you can give special instructions to the cook. The home-based cooks of E-mycook custom-made the foods in the way you want to.

Simple payment

E-mycook offers a cashless and contactless payment method. To allow you to make the payment only with a few clicks, this app provides you credit card payment method. Enter your card details and make the payment directly to your cook. The entire procedure is secure. So, you can trust E-mycook.

Order tracking

Want to know whether the cook has started to prepare your food or no? Has it been packed or already out for delivery? With the easy tracking feature of E-mycook, you can track your order easily. It will give you peace of mind that your order will be delivered to you properly.

An exclusive food app like E-mycook offers you top features to ensure a great experience when using the app. So, do you want to enjoy the features when ordering foods? Download E-mycook and place your order when you prefer.

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