Vietnamese Coffee as a Social Symbol and Embodiment of Taste

Vietnamese Coffee as a Social Symbol and Embodiment of Taste

What is Vietnamese coffee

Unlike Brazil, that is the largest producer of coffee. Vietnam is the second-largest coffee producer in the whole world. Now you must be wondering that why Vietnamese coffee is getting such limelight. Well, the answer lies within the production strength that has been estimated to be 1.73 million tons a year. It is by far an astounding value accounting to the fact that coffee production and exports play an important role in subduing the economy of Vietnam. Vietnam is known to be the second-largest exporter of coffee.

If you ever plan to visit Vietnam, the one thing you’ll notice will be the frequency of the presence of coffee shops. The coffee brewers are present at every nook and corner of streets; may it be small villages or even the megacities. The love for coffee in Vietnam is really mysterious but at the same time really astonishing to see.

Now the million-dollar question, how does this beverage taste like? Well, it’s unlike any of the coffee you’ve tasted before. Meanwhile, when talking about the coffee culture around the globe, especially Europe, the Italian- coffee style is quietly profound. However, Vietnamese coffee tastes more like French coffee.

Caffeine as the major ingredient

Caffeine is usually regarded as the major active ingredient of coffee accounting for its major effects. Well, coffee is often regarded to increase blood circulation. The effect is caused by the dilation of blood vessels.

However, a new study shows that caffeine is also responsible for clotting. If this is the case, then be ready to get your blood thinners out. Well, don’t be afraid, it isn’t the case here. You won’t be needing these blood thinners so often. Yet, people should know about this rather impeccable development. But one needs to be cautious if he/she is a heat patient as things can get worse for you.

Where does the tradition come from?

There isn’t any second though Vietnamese coffee culture. Unlike the western countries that enjoy bar life by having alcohol as their traditional drink, Vietnamese love to carve for coffee. The coffee shops, cafe, and coffee stalls around the alleys are their cherished places, where people of all age groups come together.

However, the tradition wasn’t intact until 1857, when the colonization of French began. They introduce coffee plantations and brewing in Vietnam. It was all done in terms of cultivating a cash crop to give economy a major boost. Now, the coffee production in Vietnam has climbed up the ranks to be the major economic contributor of the country.

The sublime art of Vietnamese coffee and how it tastes

The sublime taste and aesthetic aroma of Vietnamese coffee are due to the peculiar method of brewing and serving. While the Western-style is all about the Italian style of brewing coffee. As the coffee tradition was initiated by the French colonists in the late ’80s, therefore, the Vietnamese art of coffee is highly inspired by them.

Condensed milk was the other tasty compromise that was due to the influence of the French colonists. The art of making Vietnamese coffee isn’t the only unique characteristic but also the way it’s served. Each cup is served with an ingenious metal drip contraption and the customers need to wait eagerly for hot to get soaked through those delicious beans before taking the sip of your life.

A fine dollop of yogurt is another specialty of Vietnamese coffee. In fact, the improvisation even didn’t end over here as whipped white of an egg is taken and stirred within the coffee to give it rather a peculiar yet ravishing taste. Consequently, there are a handful of ways to enjoy your cup of coffee that makes the Vietnamese coffee art an angelic one.

What makes it so special

Arguably, Vietnamese coffee is the most delicious coffee around the globe. So, now the question is, what makes it so special in taste? Is it the quality of beans? or is it the filter dip that’s making it such flavorful? Well, to your surprise it isn’t both. The traditional way of roasting makes the taste so intense.

So how do they do that? Vietnamese are traditionally roasting the beans with a pinch of salt, or rice wine, and last but not the least the butter.

Different types of Vietnamese coffee


Different types of Vietnamese coffee

It has been a long-established fact; the coffee has overtaken all kinds of drinks within the country. Due to their improvisations, characteristic tastes, and aromas they have long replaced all the common beverages. One can’t simply hate it due to different kinds of coffees available

  • Coffee with milk
  • Yogurt coffee
  • Egg coffee
  • Coconut coffee
  • coffee with smoothie
  • Vietnamese ice coffee

We wonder how can one resist such unique and creative flavors.

Vietnamese ice coffee

However, taking into account all the luscious flavors available in town. the Vietnamese ice coffee stands tall over them in many aspects. It is one of the traditional and most flavorsome coffee available.

This classic coffee is made by the layer of condensed milk at the bottom, the distinctive coffee press is then placed to be dipped slowly above it. As soon as the dripping process is completed and the coffee is completely mixture, its time to pour it over a refreshing glass filled with chilled ice.

The coffee is ready to be enjoyed now.


  • 3 to 4 cups of water
  • 1/2 cup of dark ground roasted coffee beans
  • 1/2 cup of sweetened condensed milk
  • 15 to 20 ice cubes

How to get it ready

Brew coffee beans with hot water using your preferred method to make brewed coffee. Now add 2 tablespoons of sweetened condensed milk into each of 4 coffee cups. Pour 1 cup of fresh hot coffee into each cup, and stir to dissolve the milk until it is properly mixed. While the coffee is dipped slowly during this process.

Now serve your guests with a glass having ice cubes in it. The hot coffee is poured over the glass containing the ice cubes. With the help of a long spoon, it is properly mixed in order to make coffee chill down.

Final thoughts

Coffee in Vietnam is a social symbol and an embodiment of taste. Even if you aren’t an avid coffee lover, this Vietnamese coffee is worth a try. Ever get a chance to visit Vietnam, so do give it a try by sitting in the peaceful alleys of Vietnam at a coffee shop, living and enjoying every moment of it. Leave the taste for a second, even the aroma is capable of driving you crazy!

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