What Is Safe For Your Pet To Consume? Here’s How To Test Ingredients

What Is Safe For Your Pet To Consume? Here’s How To Test Ingredients

Your pets are members of your family and you love to spoil them once in a while. While it might be fun to share table food with them, there might be items that will make them sick or even kill them. Knowing what is an issue and what is safe will help your cats and dogs live long and happy lives. Here are a few things you should avoid giving them.

Coconut Oil

There are many oils that you can give your pet that are beneficial for them, such as cbd oil for dogs. However, coconuts and coconut oil are something that you should avoid giving to them. This fruit has a great deal of potassium in it which can be dangerous for a cat or dog. This food can also cause issues with their stomachs and give them loose stools. If they ingest a little of it, they will be alright. Eating quite a bit of it, however, can make them very sick. Take care to keep these substances in a cupboard or refrigerator and away from your animals.

Chocolate Products

This food and those items made from them is vital to keep from your pets. This also includes coffee and beverages with caffeine, since they are derived from the same plant. Everything made from cacao seeds contains methylxanthines. Ingesting these substances can make your animals throw up, pant more than normal, need more to drink, make them hyper, affect their heart, and possibly kill them. Keep all products that are made of chocolate, coffee, and caffeine away from cats and dogs and secured safely away from them.

Cheese and Other Dairy Products

While milk, cheese, and other dairy items might be tasty for you, they can give your pet an upset stomach. Human bodies can make lactase to break the enzymes in dairy. However, animals lack this. Consuming this kind of food can make them bloated and loosen their stools which can make things less than comfortable for them. They might be able to tolerate these items in small quantities, but you should prevent them from making it a regular habit.

Keeping these products in your refrigerator will protect them and keep them safe.

Alcoholic Beverages

You should avoid giving your pet beer, wine, or any other beverage containing alcohol at any time. It can damage their nervous system, make them depressed, skew their blood, make them sick, and cause them to fall into a coma. Keep all drinks on a table and push it far from the edge so your dog and cat stay away from it. You can also leave a lid on your bottle or cup to protect the liquid inside the container. If they do consume any of it, call your veterinarian and have them examined immediately.

Raw Meat and Eggs

Even though it may seem natural for your animal to feast on raw meat like their close cousins in the wild, they can suffer from the same ailments that affect humans when they consume similar things. The salmonella and E. coli found in these items can make them very sick. If they eat uncooked eggs, it can cause issues with their absorption of Vitamin B. Bones can break down into sharp pieces that can hurt their digestive tract. Be very careful when you give one to your dog or opt for a rubber one that is safe for them.


Whether they are dried as raisins or the way you get them from the vine, this fruit can be harmful for your pet. Eating this can cause kidney failure so it is best to keep it stored safely away out of their reach. Check nut mixes or other types of snack food before sharing it with the animals in your house. Sharing your table food can be fun for you and your cat or dog. Knowing which products can hurt them and which are safe to consume will keep them healthy for a long time.

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