Which is The Best BBQ Restaurant in Kentucky?

Which is The Best BBQ Restaurant in Kentucky?

The traditional manners in which BBQ dishes are made in Kentucky are simply phenomenal. Choosing one spot to dine in for that authentic BBQ experience would be like entering a buffet just for salads.

There practically is just so much you would be missing out on. You would never run out of places popping on your “BBQ Places to eat near me” search.

To get you started, if you are all touristy about this, we have compiled a serious list to tingle your taste buds with the best BBQ experience.

Top BBQ spots to visit if you are in Kentucky

Moonlite Bar-B-Q Inn

Based in Owensboro, Moonlite is hands-down one of the best barbecue places in Kentucky. They serve traditional Western Kentucky-style mutton barbecue using hickory chips in an open pit. Just how much more traditional could a dish really get, right?

Doc Crow’s Southern Smokehouse and Raw Bar

This one is from Louisville, and would absolutely justify the “One of the best places to eat near me” tag.  If you are looking for some authentic barbecue experience, here is where you rush to.

Leigh’s BBQ

If you want to experience classic Native style Barbecue, Leigh’s is where you should be off to. The pit Leigh’s has been running since the early 1940s and is still a formidable Barbecue force to reckon with.

Old Hickory Bar-B-Q

In Kentucky, it is all about the authentic stuff. A lot of locals may subtly agree that though Moonlite steals a major share of the limelight, the Old Hickory is where the real Barbecue’s at.

The members of the Foreman family have been running this place, searing mutton in authentic barbecue sauces since 1918. Currently, it is the sixth generation that is keeping the tradition alive down here in the heart of America’s Barbecue capital.

Feast BBQ

If you have come down all the way to Kentucky, this is where you should you’d declare “it’s one of the Places to Eat near me!” Perfectly smoked and juicy at its core, the dishes served at Feast leave you drooling from miles away.

Wrapping it up

Among the many places to eat at, Moonlite still earns the title of the best Barbecue eatery around Kentucky. If you happen to travel all the way till here, try it out, and let us know how you feel about it.

At Kentucky, you can be sure of never running out of Barbecue options.

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