Why Cakes Bakers Require a Window in a Cake Box?

Why Cakes Bakers Require a Window in a Cake Box?

Do you know?Why cakes bakers require a window in a cake box?


Cakes are the yummiest and mouthwatering product in all the confectionaries. All the gourmet products have their own worth, but the cake I at the top of the list, is because you can eat, gift and share with anyone at any event and you can get the customized and personalized cakes by the bakers. Your own wished shapes, styles and layers are formed in cakes. So, getting beautiful cakes is mandatory but here a question arises; why you need a window in the box. Simply for marketing purposes. Actually displaying and sharing the shape of the custom cake boxes to all of your customers is an appealing process and this markets your cakes and loom your brand at the highest place in the market.

Different types of cakes boxes with windows in them?


These are up to the mark and satisfactory boxes and all these comprise the PVC made a window in it. These are clear and reflect the image and impression of the customer. So, getting such custom boxes is a wise decision and you can get them easily by the customization of the box. In addition to this, few other cake cartons are listed here;

  1. Sleeve boxes for the cakes
  2. Customize printed window cake boxes with handles
  3. 2 piece window cake boxes
  4. Cake boxes with side window and top closure
  5. 4 tray cornercake boxes
  6. 6 corner tray boxes for the cakes
  7. Interlocking bottom and top window cake boxes
  8. Side window boxes

All these boxes contains at least a window that grabs the attention of the customer and generates more sales for you. These are made up of different materials.

Few of the window cake boxes wholesale production motifs and materials are explained here.

  1. Cardboard made cartons for the cakes
  2. Corrugated made boxes
  3. Kraft paper made boxes for the cakes
  4. Wholesale rigid material made boxes
  5. Bux board made wholesale boxes

All these materials are common and known for their specific natures. For the transportation, and shipping corrugated and rigid made boxes are known for their features. All these are Eco-friendly and biodegradable and such materials are safe for the environment. That’s why their recycling and manufacturing is easier. You can get such boxes any time in the United States. For cakes, you need finishing options that lead to the high end finishing output of the customer. These are made to append the fine edges and improved the look of the final box. Few of the finishing options are listed here;

  1. Matte
  2. UV coating
  3. Embossing and
  4. Deposing

Matte append extra appealing look in the box and these are best if you are displaying your cakes on the shelves. Moreover, these are water-resistant when UV coating is applied to it. So, get your desired boxes in such coatings and grabs the attention of the customer.


This article is written by LENA A.RODERICK , she is the digital marketing specialist at the City Of Packaging. Being a manager and completing MBA studies in digital marketing she has SMART views and she helps the City Of Packaging team in providing the creative and skilled packaging.

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