Why People All around The World Love Medu vadas?

Why People All around The World Love Medu vadas?

Meduvada is one of the famous traditional foods of South India. It is known as the Indian Doughnut. It is commonly prepared at home especially during festivals and occasions. The Meduvada recipe is usually prepared by deep frying it in oil and it is served with hot Sambar and chutney. The Vada is usually in disc-shaped which can vary in size. It is based on one’s requirements. The main ingredients used for the preparations of Meduvada are gram flour, lentils, and Dals.

Meduvada recipe- the Indian doughnut

You cannot find a plate without Meduvada for breakfast. People love to eat it for snacks too. It is a common sight of finding Meduvada from street shops to five-star hotels. Since the Vada is deep-fried in oil, one piece will contribute to 300kcal. It is a common snack that you will find in all the tea stalls. Meduvada is relished by people all over the world. From locals to foreigners everybody loves to eat Meduvada. This is mainly because of its crispy and less spicy taste. The Meduvada recipe also has curry leaves, chilies, and onions that are used to enhance the taste. Chilies can be adjusted based on your taste preferences.

Importance of the Batter consistency

A Meduvada recipe is totally based on the batter prepared. The word Medu is termed as Soft. The softness of the vada depends on the consistency of the batter. Therefore, enough care has to be taken when the batter is prepared. Once the batter is prepared, it has to be kept for fermentation. Remember not to keep it aside for fermentation for long; this will lead to the absorption of more oil.

Why there is a hole in Meduvada?

The hole in the middle is the most defining feature of a Meduvada. The Meduvada has a hole in it because it helps in making the most use of the surface area to balance the volume ratio so that it will cook evenly. The other reasons are said to avoid the swelling up of vada in the middle, more than that of the edges.

Health benefits of Medu Vada recipe

Though Meduvada is deep-fried in oil, it is made up of black urad dal and lentils. The Black urad dal is one of the most precious and healthy pulses that is cultivated from ancient times. This kitchen culinary is set using nutritious lentils and Dals that are highly recommended for diabetics. These Vadas are delicious; they are crispy outside and spongy inside.

Though Meduvada is famous among south Indians, it is relished by people all over the world.

Author Bio: The author is a food blogger, who loves to blog on various cuisines all over the world. Here she talks about how Meduvada recipe have captured the hearts of people all over the world.

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