Dress Up Your Home With Window Blinds

Dress Up Your Home With Window Blinds

Windows offers many advantages; they provide a view of the outside world, let in sunlight and brighten up your entire home. The only problem with windows is that they also provide an opposite view, one right into your house! Of course, this is why blinds were invented, to protect the sanctity of your home from prying eyes, and of course to block out heat, cold, and sometimes excess light. Curtains and blinds were the primary sources of window treatments for quite some time, but today you have the option of installing blinds or shades as well.

Blinds options:

As with many window treatment options, you can choose from several varieties. Shades come in many forms, Venetian, Roman, pleated, wood, fabric, metallic, and synthetic. Which means they’re also available in a variety of colors, patterns, and opacity. Choosing blinds for your window treatments gives you as many decorative options as the most colorful curtains or curtains. Here are some common types and styles of blinds that you can consider.


Are you looking for a way to combine Venetian blinds and roller blinds with the functionality of curtains and netting? These are usually fabric blinds suspended between sheer fabric panels, allowing you to adjust the light deflection and privacy without losing your sight to the outside. This type of shade can be found in a variety of color palettes, including pastels, classic creams, and many modern colors to suit any color scheme.


Another popular choice of fabric blinds is Facet. These are finely woven blinds made up of horizontal transparent and blackout fabric bands. Double-layer fabric blinds like these come in many colors and help filter light easily. The unique layers soften the sunlight, reducing glare. Of course, they can also be raised or lowered like Venetian or roller blinds.

Vision blinds:

One of the most recognizable window shades available on the market is the Vision blinds. They are available in wood or metal slats. When you are looking for a modern and elegant design, metal vision blinds are a perfect selection. Available in hundreds of different colors, you are sure to find metal vision blinds that will match the decor of any room in your home.

Wood Venetian Shades add natural warmth, style, and sophistication to your home. Wood blinds are available in different fine wood options. They combine the old world charm of plantation shades with the modern comforts and durability of Venetian shades. You can even complement these remote-controlled blinds.

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