Proper Care for Your Wooden Furniture 

Proper Care for Your Wooden Furniture 

Wooden furniture, especially the types that could last for decades, is an expensive piece of investment. So, you must take good care of it to make it last until the future generations.

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Maintaining your pieces of wooden furniture can be a difficult task but a rewarding one. These furniture pieces could add charm to your home, so extra care and attention are essential to maintain its classic look.

Below are some tips to keep your wooden furniture in top shape for decades to come.

Dust it properly

A shiny piece of furniture can make your room shine. Proper dusting could help in keeping your wooden furniture shiny all the time. However, you have to be careful with the cleaning material you are going to use. Only use a dry, soft cotton cloth to wipe the dust off. Doing it every other month would do, but you can do it as often as possible whenever dust accumulates on your furniture.

Keep it from too much sunlight

Avoid exposing your wooden furniture to sunlight for an extended period. Doing so would result in “spotting,” a phenomenon where you can see dark and bright spots on exposed parts of the furniture.

If your furniture is placed near a window where a lot of sunlight goes through, try using some curtains. You may also cover your furniture with a cloth to reduce the effect.

Be careful with the temperature

Extreme temperature can ruin the original texture of the furniture’s surface. Keep too cold or too hot objects away from the furniture. For tables, always use placemats under the plates and cold drinks.

Let it age gracefully

Your wooden furniture will age as time goes, let it age with grace. Same as wine, ageing wood acquires new characteristics. Some wood may go darker, while the others go lighter as time passes. So, if you buy wooden furniture, take a closer look and observe the wood’s signs of ageing.

Keep sharp object away

Sharp objects can scratch your woods, so it is wise to keep it away from your wooden furniture. A visible scratch can ruin the looks of your beautiful piece of furniture.

Rubbing a walnut kernel or walnut oil on a soft cloth can fix light scratches. However, if it damages the wood, you need professional help to have it covered.

Regular oiling and waxing

Applying oil and wax to your wooden furniture is highly recommended, giving it a shiny look. Moreover, doing so will add an extra layer of protection on the surface and enhance its appearance. Do it every three months, and it will keep your furniture looking fresh.

Clean it with warm water if needed

There are times your wooden furniture will get some dirt, and it is inevitable. If this happens, you can clean it with warm water and mild soap. However, don’t let the furniture be soaked in water for an extended period. Clean it until the dirt wears off. Clean the remaining moisture with a clean cloth.

Buying expensive furniture is alright, as long as the quality is worth the price you pay. After all, you can always purchase a piece of furniture via afterpay, so it will never hurt your savings.

These few tips should help you maintain your furniture. Moreover, keep your furniture with love, and it will be in its top shape for decades.

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