ABC of Low-Stakes Online Poker Tournaments

ABC of Low-Stakes Online Poker Tournaments

No matter the lockdown, there’s always something out there for poker players who are looking for action on the felts of online poker rooms. And perhaps, this is the right time for recreational players like you to take this game seriously and dive in with some real money and register officially in a low stakes poker tournament to begin your real money adventure in online poker.

In this blog, we shall lay down some vital tips that can be a game-changer in your online game of poker. They shall prepare you how to profile the good players from the bad players and with some handy tips to rock those felts, get ready to wear the champion crown in the next online poker tournament.

Let’s spin them out right away!

Tips to Crush the felts of Low Stakes Online Poker

Playing online poker tournament for low stakes can be quite challenging than your usual cash games. Since there will be many first timers and amateurs hitting the felts of such poker tournaments expecting to win handsome money, you must be very careful with your betting strategies, with a table full of amateurs, sometimes even your best strategies might backfire.

Let’s start with a few basic tips for better assessment of your game at low stakes online poker tournaments.

1. Menial Buy-ins but Very Large Pool of Players

An important fact to consider when playing low stakes poker tournaments is that the field is going to be enormous with some of the worst players in the game all in to cash in. Coasting through a larger pool might be seemingly challenging, but the fact is if you dive with the right strategy and play a decent game, you will end up making good profit. And what strategy is that?

2. Play Tight in Early and Middle Stages

In micro stakes poker tournaments, the best working strategy to weed out the worse players is to play tight early on until these guys are knocked out of the tourney. The idea is to make it alive to the deep end and get the money in.  As such, be prepared to face tougher competition at the later stages.

3. In the Money

When In the Money, opponents often play tight in which case, the best strategy is to apply aggression and collect as many chips as possible so that you make a smooth run to the final table and make an easy tournament win. Sizing a big stack on the final table greatly improves your odds and doubles up your chances of winning.

4. Value Bet Hard on Your Premium Hands

Most novice players are often tempted to see a lot of flops in order to hit a bigger pair or a stronger hand and play for a bigger pot. A smarter move would be to stick and wait for premium hands and value bet them very hard. Make 3x or 4x raises on big blinds at pre-flop in case you got hands like AA, KK or AK.

In case someone opens the round before you, make sure to raise 3x or 4x on your opponent’s bet. This way, you acquire tons of value over a huge sample size that’s quite characteristic of low stakes tournaments.

5. Be Prepared for River Suck Outs

This is something you can’t escape on low stakes or poker tournaments in general. Poker is a cold hard game that only prevails through mathematics with no personal vendetta against you. Keeping your sanity intact and continuing to make positive decisions in poker tournaments is a must if you wish to thrive in the long run.

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So, we have a stellar opportunity today for all you low stakes grinders. Presented by India’s renowned online poker room, PokerBaazi (PB), Baazi Grinders Series is your window to not just winning big but also creating an attractive bankroll for very economical buy-ins that start as low as INR 50! It is hosted online by the online poker portal on the 3rd Monday of every month.

Here are some highlights of the Baazi Grinder’s latest edition.

  1. Multi-event multi-day spectacle spread along a whole week (20th-26th April)
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For more info of the Baazi Grinders Series, you may visit their official website To get gaming on the platform, simply download their official PokerBaazi app from the website and visit the tournament lobby. Just pick your game and get started right away.

It’s time to set the felts on fire!

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