Adopt Me : How To Get Free Cobra Pet in the Game?

Adopt Me : How To Get Free Cobra Pet in the Game?

Adopt Me! is an online game with a huge count of players; we can say hundreds or thousands of players can concurrently enjoy th…

It is a very famed and globally appreciated online role-playing game. Here in this game, the players act like parents and adopt various types of pets and raise them. Every player has the authority to exchange or sell their pets to other players to earn Robux — the in-game currency for Adopt-Me. Robux can be used to buy various customizations for their avatar and accessibility to various other features and functionalities.

This a great game for all age players who can enjoy the gaming experience of being involved in a variety of family-friendly and emphatic activities giving rise to positivity:

· Adopt and raise more than 65 cute and charming pets

· Create and furnish your customized house.

· Make new friends, and enjoy the gaming experience alongside thousands of real-time players.

· Get access to fun toys and vehicles.

· Meet our active player-to-player trading marketplace.

· Experience new and thrilling in-game updates time-to-time, which adds value to your adventure.

· Explore an enchanting, secure, and friendly ambiance where every day you will address is a new venture.

· Create your own unique, entertaining styles to play

How to get Cobra Pet for Free?

If you want to get the Cobra pet in Adopt-Me for free, you can follow few of the easy steps:

· Visit in-game.

· Find a Cobra pet after visiting the Sky Castle.

· Exit the Sky Castle after going upstairs.

· Move forward and get to the place where you can bungee jumping.

· At the time of bungee jumping, ensure to let the rope split on its own.

· Go ahead to the Best Shop Ever and move to the fireplace.

· Search for the marshmallows. Continuously hit on them until a message appears.

· In Best Shop Ever find the board that states “Nothing to see over here”.

· Thereafter again unlock your inventory, move to the gifts segment, and hit on the + sign.

· After reaching the gifts segment, move on to the available pet shop and go into it.

· Find a lock on the wall and 3-times hit on Examine.

· Then go to the pets section after opening the inventory. Then hit the + sign and press “Yes”.

· You will be taken to the pets nursery. Again to the inventory, open your pets section and draw a common pet.

· In the same room, move to the pet board and search for the Cobra.

· Three times hit on the Cobra.

· Spend five bucks to buy a sky balloon and move on to the Sky Castle.

· Find the cobra and hit on it after moving there. Now hit on “No Thanks”. Again hit it and click “No thanks”. Now click on “Get it now” after again hitting it, and then at the end click “Cancel”.

· Move to the gift segment after opening the inventory and hit on the + sign.

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These all the steps are professionally tested. If for any reason you failed to get the Cobra pet for free, you are advised to buy the Cobra pet by spending necessary Robux.

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