Are Emulators Better Than Consoles?

Are Emulators Better Than Consoles?

The skyrocketing trend of retro gaming has divided video game lovers; Some love using emulators to play old games, and others prefer playing games on the original consoles. No matter which side you are on, what is critical is to identify which one is the best method. But the answer to the question is equivocal as both of them have advantages and disadvantages. 


As the original generation of a particular game console gets old, they get nostalgic about playing games of their time. Such gamers usually have their old consoles and prefer playing them. And some even buy the old consoles and connect them to modern TVs through connectors like PS2 HDMI converter. Such kind of gamers swear by old consoles and challenge you that they are best. Anyhow, the benefits of playing retro games on the original console are:

Authentic experience:

What would you prefer: playing golf on a computer or at the golf course? I know your answer. It is the same with console vs emulator. For any player, especially enthusiastic retro gamers, the real pleasure of playing old, games and feeding nostalgia is by playing them on the original consoles. They prefer playing Super Mario on Nintendo and God of war on PlayStation 2. Playing with original consoles offer you the most authentic experience. 

Games will run correctly:

One of the advantages that come with playing with the original console is that the games run smoothly. Because the hardware is designed to support the particular games, you will experience a very little glitch; while the probability of bugs and glitches increase. And one fact is that gamers who want to get the authentic experience of the original console accept the problems that come with it. In fact, in some cases, retro gamers get nostalgic about the bugs, that they used to experience in old game consoles. 


An emulator is a software program or a hardware device that can act as other systems or computers called the guest. It helps the host computer to support the software, tools, and other features and components designed for the guest system. Therefore, emulations enable the imitation of retro games to an extent that they look original. It means that you can play games through emulation without buying an original old console. 


In case you do not have an original console, you will have to buy the whole setup. It is a fairly expansive approach than emulation in which a system that you already have will offer the games you want to play without having to buy the original system. 

Better performance:

With an emulator, you will get a better playing experience playing the old game, not the original experience though. Playing old games on modern systems give you better resolution, vibrant colours, and more efficient processing. Therefore, most gamers opt for emulating consoles for this particular reason. Also, a few emulators enable you to use non-original controllers; that means you can use the brand’s controller to play any game that you want.


One of the prominent reasons for choosing an emulator over a console is its extensive space. Consoles, especially old consoles, have a limited space that restricts you from downloading as many games as you want. If you are curious about collecting albums of old games, you will need more space. That is why you will end up choosing an emulator over the console. 


At the end of the day, choosing the original console or emulator to play retro games is a matter of preference. If you have an old console, you do not need an emulator; but if you don’t have one you do not need to spend more as the emulator works best.

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