How To Choose A Decent Casino Affiliate Program?

How To Choose A Decent Casino Affiliate Program?

Online casino affiliate programs facilitate gamer acquisition. An online casino affiliate member makes money when a player uses their referral link/referral ID to register with a particular casino portal. The affiliates adopt measures acceptable by law, to make sure that players register for the casino portal of choice, i.e., the portal for which the affiliate program engages in marketing activity.

How Do These Programs Work?

Casino affiliates create unique links. These links ensure that the players can connect to their chosen casinos. Affiliates connect these links to the particular casino, for which the affiliate does the marketing. Against this service, the casino pays the agreed commission to the affiliate.

The affiliate program can choose from between multiple platforms when they want to engage potential gamers to sign up with their links. They use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, online ads, and even one-to-one communication. At the end of the day, the affiliates aim to create a system that would be beneficial for all the stakeholders in the process – the casino, the gamer, and the affiliate.

What Is The Payment Mechanism?

There are different payment models which casinos use when they pay the affiliates. We will take a quick look at the more common modes of payment:

Cost Per Acquisition (CPA): This model is not used very often. In this case, the affiliate asks for a one-time fee, and that’s all there is to it. This offer varies from platform to platform.

Revenue Share: This model is used more often. Many casino portals work on the performance-based commission model with the affiliates. Like the CPA model, this offer is also variable from platform to platform.

Choosing The Right Affiliate Program

Now, you need to choose from among the many available affiliate programs. To do this properly, you must consider several factors, which will be beneficial to everyone concerned, in the long run.

How reputed is the program?

A deciding factor, which is of paramount importance, is the reputation of the affiliate program. As we have discussed, there are umpteen such programs on the web; so, you must exercise a lot of caution to read between the lines. Real users will share much valuable feedback about their experience with the affiliates, and you must go through them in a detailed manner. You must also know the vintage of the affiliate program under consideration.

What is the payment schedule?

A safe affiliate program will have a distinct payment schedule and also a sound payment model. It should provide the flexibility to choose from among multiple payment options.

How much is customer support available?

An alert and responsive customer support mechanism is the backbone of any successful business model. The service structure must be efficient and should respond as soon as customers seek their help.

Do check out this facility for yourself before you start to work. Frame some questions in your mind and contact the customer support team with your queries. You will get to see first hand as to how responsive the structure is, and how fast they attempt to solve your doubts.

What types of advertisement is displayed?

In this competitive domain of online casinos, affiliate programs will resort to displaying a wide array of advertising material – to grab the eyeball, and then the purse strings, of the prospective gamer.

But, they must keep one thing in mind. The advertisements should not display undue aggression, or defy legal provisions in any way. All of this will affect website attendance in a negative manner, which will be detrimental to business interests.

Are you receiving relevant statistics?

Live statistics will provide you information regarding how many people are accessing the program, what their origin is, and the data of total sales. If you have this information, you will be able to determine whether or not you are getting any profit from the affiliate program. And if you are falling short of the projected result, you may need to tweak the promotion strategy to make it work.


To conclude, affiliate programs can be real money-spinners. But to make them work, you need to determine the right platform. You will need to conduct proper checks and background research. We have done our share of research to bring you this article. We are sure this will make it easier for you to choose a suitable affiliate program partner.

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